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Incorporated in the 1800’s ActiveMan has been a lifestyle brand providing what the customer wants. It was originally founded under the brand of Flarico, but later it came into existence under the Active Man umbrella. They have created a brand that can be trusted due to their commitment to providing the best designer jockstraps for men. The thing that makes ActiveMan unique is how their jockstraps are suitable for all occasions that can be either indoor or outdoor. These jockstraps provide a unique shape for your buttocks. The ActiveMan jockstraps provide comfort and support to your package that it needs to get things done and to make sure these men’s jockstrap underwear separates you from the rest. The design philosophy behind this lingerie for men from ActiveMan is suitable for athletic men who want to bring their A-game on the field as well as off the field.

ActiveMan jockstraps provide contour lining on the front pouch that makes sure you have enough room for your package to expand and contract easily. The material used to design these men’s jockstraps comprise polyamide and spandex wherein polyamide ensures the material is comfortable and spandex provides it with the stretchability that ensures it can cater to your needs. This cheeky underwear for men ensures breathability down there and makes sure there is no sweat retention that automatically helps in keeping you fresh and active all day.

ActiveMan jockstraps come in various styles and shapes like the signature series, 3D pouch, swimmer jockstrap among many others. This variety in their design line ensures customers always have various options and they are never bored with their underwear. These men’s sheer underwear come in different color options so you can be different every day and feel fresh. Be the man you want to be with ActiveMan Underwear, get yours today.

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