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Image source: CR7

Whether you are on the field or off-field, staying comfortable and supportive is truly important. That’s what Ronaldo believes and perceives through his men’s underwear brand. Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction, his name is enough to speak for himself. The same goes for his brand. 

CR7-US underwear is a blend of features quality materials for structure, breathability, and versatility. No matter where you are, their designs perform the job they were built for – with style and comfort.

The CR7-US men’s underwear collection is a perfect collaboration of modern fashion and absolute quality. New York-based fashion designer, Richard Chai, and long respected Danish manufacturer, JBS Textile Group who are leading underwear manufacturers in Scandinavia and have been serving man-kind since 1939, have intertwined their vision and abilities together to deliver expertly made and outwardly engaging items taking into account men, everything being equal, everywhere on the world.

The CR7-US brand is interesting in that it combines the superstar of an incredibly famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, with advancing styles, materials, and a strong design plan. CR7-US includes styles such as men’s briefs and trunks for men which won’t let you compromise with comfort, breathability, and versatility. Men’s socks, Loungewear, boy’s underwear, boy’s Pajamas are other categories that you will find on their website.

If you want to shop with CR7-US then here is the list given below to help you know the best of all variants for your outfit.

CR7-US is available on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where you can follow them and stay updated with their latest collection. CR7-US lingerie is worth giving a try. 




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