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Walking Jack

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Image source: Walking Jack

A European underwear brand launched in 2018 in Greece offers some of the most comfortable underwear in timeless designs and contemporary, form-fitting men’s lingerie styles. From popular solid such as black, white, and blue, to custom sublimation prints, their underwear range has been designed. Well, it’s not wrong to say that” Walking Jack underwear moves the way you move”.

Walking Jack offers men’s briefs and men’s trunks, which can be worn every day and at any time. Their men’s underwear has been designed with fine threads and in premium quality fabrics so that the underwear style that you pick retains its shape and can sustain in extreme conditions that’s the reason Walking Jack underwear styles are ideal for an active man’s lifestyle. The solace of their lingerie styles has collaborated with classic underwear design.

The pouch design included in their fashion underwear for men is contoured in a way that expects great fit, the male anatomy does not experience anything else. They fit the manhood perfectly. Each style offers support and breathing space. To avoid any friction or irritation, all seams have been flatlock. Their designers are very particular about every detail. From fabrics to manufacturers, everything has to be best as its Walking Jack, and the word compromise doesn’t exist in their dictionary.

Their production team is in Europe, more specifically in Portugal but when it’s about getting ideas out of their heads, Greece is their place because the weather and natural beauty inspire their creativity. Travels, different cultures, friends, and the great outdoors inspire them a lot.

Besides their official online store and physical outlet in Thessaloniki, they source the best locations for their items to be sold in every country.

Walking Jack offers the following popular underwear styles:






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