Why shopping jockstraps at Erogenos the ideal way to shop?

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Have you taken a look at the collection of men’s jockstrap underwear at one of the leading men’s underwear stores Erogenos? The webstore is all about numerous products, excellent shipping policies, a stunning customer helpdesk, and programs that are beneficial for your happy shopping experience.  Talking about men’s jockstrap underwear, it is one of the most ...


To be or not to be in Marco Marco mens jockstrap underwear? Let’s find out

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MARCO MARCO, who doesn't know this extremely talented and fabulous fashion designer who is known for his colorful and bold designs of mens underwear. Besides sexy mens underwear, he is known for blowing people's minds with an extravagant apparel range.  MARCO MARCO is a brand created by Marco Morante, a Los Angeles based fashion designer. He ...


Switch to these pairs of mens jockstrap underwear from Modus Vivendi, if looking for comfort

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The word Modus Vivendi has an interesting meaning.M- stands for Meter which in Greek means to live in balance. O- stands for Originality which means whether you pick something from the loungewear, swimwear, or underwear section, its unique designs will surprise you. D- stands for Diversity. As a brand, they support and urge men to express themselves ...


Seven Reasons Why Gay Men Like Jockstrap Underwear for Men

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Image source: Mensuas Speaking about its history, it was first invented in 1874 by a Chicago sporting goods company called Sharp & Smith. Designers who created men's jockstraps were looking for a pair of underwear that can support the male genitals of bicycle riders while they are riding on the cobblestone streets of Boston. If you look ...