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Male Power

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Founded by Sam Baker in the mid-1970s, Male Power started with a vision to target the gay male demographic—a move that was considered revolutionary at the time. If you take a look at the About Us section of Male Power, it clearly states, “He (Sam Baker) embraced lifestyles that had yet to gain full acceptance, and identified a seemingly simple but rarely acknowledged truth – men, like women, want to look and feel sexy in their intimate wear. Sam Baker encouraged men to liberate themselves from the shackles of traditional social acceptance and embrace their inner feelings and desires.”

Male Power offers jockstrap, boxer briefs for men, bikinis, male thongs, g-strings, and costumes in an assortment of rich textures and prints that enhance and entice. The brand takes pride in giving quality fit and solace. A portion of the brand’s assortments include a claim to fame textures, for example, delicate nylon Lycra, stretch net, and stretch mesh. Male Power utilizes four-way stretch textures that embrace your bends and highlights what you as of now have. From fundamental cotton briefs to attractive thongs, sheer underwear to more suggestive mens underwear styles, Male Power offers outstanding styles and unmatched solace for the present man who needs simply the best in men’s provocative clothing.

It offers following popular underwear styles:





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