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Duluth Trading

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Image source: Duluth Trading

This company came into existence in the year 1989 when people did not have much to wear in their wardrobe. While others were out there enjoying the cold winters of Wisconsin, these guys were seeking solace in designing sexy underwear for men and women. That can-do attitude which everybody is talking about is what this brand Duluth Trading got inspired from. Being a brand emerged from the late 1980s Duluth Trading has got only one task at hand that is to make tough, comfortable, and functional gears for both men and women.

Duluth Trading is a brand that loves to overcome hurdles and achieve the unachievable with that never-give-up attitude which has made them reach newer heights and for them, there is no looking back. This brand has got a real colorful history as it has gone into a change in management twice and still hasn’t left its charm. In early stages, when the Bucket Boss got the name Duluth Trading, they were just getting started in the clothing industry and came up with the latest lineup of Longtail T® Shirts which were just as successful as they should have been and from that day the guys at Duluth were unstoppable.

Moving on to the eye-popping lineup of Duluth Trading, they have got a huge collection of designer men’s underwear that would literally make you fall in love with the brand. Starting from the Buck Naked™ underwear for men all the way up to the latest arrival of Men’s Bullpen® Underwear, they got it all. As these male underwear designed under the label of Duluth Trading are strictly for adventure purposes and the man possessed with that thought would not regret buying these bad boys.

Duluth Trading offers the following popular underwear styles:







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