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Gregg Homme

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Established in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of daring and cutting-edge underwear and swimwear for men. Through long stretches of concoction and attractive production, GREGG HOMME Underwear has gained a reputation for astounding quality, one of a kind designs, and excellent fit. With the craving to intrigue individuals by making something extraordinary, agreeable yet tastefully splendid, GREGG HOMME Underwear praises the man who is glad for himself, his feeling of fashion, and his way of life.

According to the brand, “GREGG HOMME is constantly revolutionizing men’s underwear while reinventing ways that the original string, thong, briefs, boxer briefs, muscle shirts, T-shirts and fetish wear are devised. Selecting only the finest luxury fabrics trims with our signature hardware and details, each Gregg Homme piece uses a refined confection technique.”

GREGG HOMME offers the following popular underwear styles:







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