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Eco- Friendly, Fast drying, and perfect fit- are the three words that perfectly define your BWET swimwear for men. BWET swimwear for men has been designed in extreme UV protection and eco-friendly fabrics which are great for men with sensitive skin. 

Speaking about their beginning, well it began with two New York designers and Spain which were hanging out and drinking sangria while on the beach and in the beach towel off the coast of Barcelona. Usually, people start becoming insane after drinking, but were sane enough to create a brand. Hence, drinking is not that dangerous for your business.

While they were talking about establishing a men’s swimwear brand, the other two guys who were from Rio and Hong Kong who were sitting nearby overheard their conversation and end up agreeing with them. BWET was born on that day. So on that seashore dry off the shoreline of Barcelona, the made the very establishment of BWET, to give a great many metropolitan sea shore darlings like them the open door they merited, to “Bnoticed,” “Bcomfortable,” and to let their voice and style “BIndependent” of anyone else’s through a men’s swimwear line that that would join the nature of a sports brand and the style of a design line.

Their headquarters are present in Spain to guarantee BWET’s norm of excellent swimwear, as the interest for their swimwear develops, so does BWET’s craving to spread their vision of slick, extraordinary, top-notch swimwear by making new central command far and wide, so to make their item, and their message, available to anybody.

Today, BWET produces a large number of comfortable and stylish beach shorts, beach trunks for men, men’s beach briefs, and some beach accessories. 

If you wish to shop with BWET then here is the list given below to help you know the best of all variants for your outfit.







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