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American Eagle

by loveforundies   ·  4 years ago   ·  

Image source: Dailynews

They are a leading global retailer that offers high end, trendy, and quality men’s exotic underwear for those who think their underwear is stopping them from reaching their true potential and becoming the thing they desire to be in this life. Their male lingerie brand was incorporated in 2006 under the name of aerie lingerie which was the first sub-brand of the company. The current market capitalization of the company in the underwear segment is more than 2% right now and they have more than 147 brick-and-mortar stores spread across America and Canada that offer men’s erotic underwear.  The company has always been true to their passion and they have been constantly improving which is evident from the rate at which they have been growing year on year and making them a big player by establishing a global dominance in this space. 

Moving on to their product range, American Eagle offers many different combinations of sexy men’s underwear which present the customer with enough choices to select the one they like. These commonly include men’s designer briefs and boxers. The materials used to develop them generally comprise polyamide and spandex that ensures the material is soft and has enough elasticity that makes it fit according to your needs. The front pouch of these underwear has a contour lining that makes the front pouch spacious and offers enough room for you to maneuver your package with ease so that you are comfortable all day.

The materials used to develop these designer men’s underwear comprised polyamide and spandex that makes the material comfortable and provides stretchability without actually damaging the product. 

They have been constantly displaying their dominance and creativity by introducing the designs which are extraordinary and make you feel out of this world.

Here are some of the underwear styles American Eagle offers, just have a look and decide for yourself.

One should surely follow a brand where your opinions are valued. Don’t you feel so?







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