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Mate Gear

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Born in the streets of Seoul, Mate Gear is a brand that has inspired hundreds of people to follow their passion with maximum comfort and support. Hyun Han, a graduate of the Northumbria University School of Design got inspired at a very young age during the stay in the UK which made the Mate Gear what it is today. His passion led Mate Gear to produce one of the best men’s underwear in the world and still is working to achieve perfection. Han’s journey started in Tokyo where he worked in a women’s lingerie company that refined his knowledge in the clothing industry.

At Mate Gear, the common goal of making a man unafraid to enhance his sex appeal and take things up a notch. Mate Gear initially started its production with designer men’s underwear and now has expanded its range to loungewear and even desirable swimwear for men. As Mate Gear is never mistaken for its exclusivity and best in class quality, getting the best designs in the perfect fitting would always be on the table.

Mate Gear believes in spreading joy and expanding the family with satisfactory results and never fading designs for men’s sexy underwear. So to achieve that the brand is always working on expanding the network worldwide using online stores and physical chains of franchises at your service day and night. With Mate Gear fulfilling customer requests is what the brand does so that you never feel left out. Let’s get out and follow our passion with maximum comfortability and make this joyride pleasurable not only for us but for the people around us too.

Mate Gear offers various styles of men’s underwear some of them are given below:





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