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ASRY Textile has been in the underwear market since 2004 and is a powerful company that prepares collections for famous brands around Europe and markets its own brand name Doreanse Underwear to the world.

ASRY textile is not only into underwear, they manufacture T-shirts, nightgowns, pajamas, homeware, body, and garter groups for men and ladies with a capacity of 2.5 million pieces per year. They also produce men’s thongs, men’s briefs, men’s bodysuit, boxer shorts for men, etc. From the essential pair of men’s underwear to something special for your wedding night, they have stored everything for you.

Because they are rich in designs and maintain the quality of their products, therefore one should prefer placing their resources in their male underwear.

Doreanse delivers a wide range of products in high quality to all clients by using last technology without any problem with different logistical selections. People who are wondering the secret of their success, it is the seriousness of feedback which they receive from their representatives and clients. Negative or positive, they value each feedback.

Doreanse is different from other underwear brands. For them, honesty, confidence, right business ethics are very important. For them, customer satisfaction is the most essential thing and every other brand should value. 

Speaking about their vision, it is to serve the 

  • Quality as a lifestyle by developing the culture and senses of consumers.
  • To present new qualities
  • To produce the newest design
  • To be a design center

Doreanse offers the following popular mens underwear styles:






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