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Body Aware

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Image source: Underwearexpert

The beginnings of Body Aware go back to 1985 whenever a possibility round of squash between Body Aware prime supporters David and Kristina in Guangzhou, China, prompted a long lasting association. Out of this relationship came the creative thought that men’s underwear didn’t need to be white, monstrous, and ugly.

With the fundamental thought of making something other than what’s expected, the author of the designer underwear brand found that the silk underwear market was prospering. he at that point understood that silk was a serious satisfying texture and was superior to cotton on every conceivable ground. It was right then and there that Body Aware’s first items were conceptualized.

Thes first items were made, on their kitchen table. The examples for the mens underwear must be drafted to fit bigger western measuring as Asian estimating was to some degree littler. At first, there were only 2 pieces of clothing offered, a top and a base. The juvenile organization was called Shamian Silks, named for Shamian Island on the Pearl River where the French and English exchanged with the Chinese in the nineteenth century.

Body Aware was a sensation during the 1990s due to its creative ideas and unique structures that thought outside the box in men’s design.

Body Aware offers the following popular underwear styles:







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