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Incorporated in 1985, Duke Clothing is a Nottingham based knitwear. It is highly recognized in the industry as an undisputed leader for designer men’s underwear. The heritage of the company is based on the values from times when people knew what it means to create something. The brand has been constantly evolving in the sexy men’s underwear segment over the years and has gained the recognition and acknowledgment that makes it a truly UK fashion brand with pan British presence and reach. Today Duke Clothing has a fully developed plant which offers various process from knitting, dyeing, processing, finishing, and printing all in one roof. 

Talking about their product range, they have various offerings from men, women, and kids. They offer men’s enhancing apparel wear that includes t-shirts, shirts, jeans, and so on. They also have a well-established footwear brand that offers all types of men’s designer shoes that not only looks good but makes you feel good.

The mission of Duke has always been to turn into a global brand and to provide quality sexy male underwear. They have created a mission and in order to fulfill it they have never compromised either on quality or the composition of the cheeky underwear for men. It has been their mission to provide you with authentic and premium male underwear. They have always tried to innovate and bring you the best men’s apparel wear.  Duke Clothing believes in creating a legacy with their craftsmanship and shows to the world how to create art.





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