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Every tree with a thick trunk was sowed with just a seed and nothing else. Keeping the very mindset, the makers of ADDICTED didn’t shy out to begin with the kernels. Established in 2009, ADDICTED stepped its foot in the market with swimwear and because of their magnificent designs, this company has led itself into the big leagues. As contradictory as the brand’s name is, it depicts the exact notion of our customers after trying one of our products.

Started from swimwear, Today ADDICTED underwear offers a number of designs from different categories as well. From men’s boxers to men’s briefs and jockstraps to bikini, ADDICTED offers a variety of designs, all of them destined to make you look hotter and sexier. The reason behind this acknowledgment is not the variety but the quality we offer. Any customer who is in search of underwear looks for design with comfort and why would one go anywhere when we offer both at the same time, leading our customers to be addicted to us. Our designers are equipped with a progressive mindset that helps them design the perfect pieces of art.

Talking about the progressive mindset, we glorify what is suppressed by the majority. Here we talk about the gay sector and whatever is associated with that. A majority of our products revolve around the designs enjoyed by gay people. Where other brands shy out, we dignify.

Addicted offers the following popular underwear styles:






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