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How Men’s Jockstrap Underwear Can Make You Feel Good?

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago   ·  

The most underrated garment in men’s wardrobe is the male jockstrap stitched in a 3-dimensional pouch for better grip. Created to give support to the male genitals during athletic activities or foreplay, jockstraps for men have evolved quite a bit over the years. The first-ever jockstrap was invented by C.F Benett of Sharp & Smith company because they recognized the need for such male underwear that can be worn during cycling.

men's sexy jockstrap

Image source: GoodDevil

The jockstrap was also influenced by 20th-century medicine a low voltage electric powered jockstrap that was claimed to cure kidney disorders, insomnia, and other ailments. 

Now the jockstraps have become quite popular over the few decades with the increasing demand by both gay and straight men.

Key Features of Men’s Jockstrap Underwear

Take a look at some of the aspects of designer underwear for men which makes it absolutely fashionable to wear.

  • Design- Jockstrap for men has a design that is simple yet effective. A pouch with a waistband is enough to cover your genitals and give you support. The pouch is connected by the straps for the grip and support so that your assets won’t hang or move like a pendulum.
  • Function- The main purpose of the jockstrap for men is to provide support during your sports or any other activity. It does not mean you won’t get support from any other male underwear but the grip and the support men’s jockstrap has that does not come with any other.
  • Prevents Injury- Initially made for the sportsperson men’s jockstrap was made to prevent injuries while playing any sports or doing the workout. While playing sports, the pouch attached with the 2 elastic straps that are tied with the waistband can help protect your genitals from any risky injury.

Why should you Invest in Men’s Jockstraps?

Why do you think you should opt for this sexy underwear for men? As the garment was first used by bicycle-riding people or the bike-jockeys, this men’s jockstrap underwear now comes in a variety of designs and patterns according to your personality and needs. 

jockstrap for men

Image source: E-modusvivendi

With the passage of time, the design, features, and purpose of hot underwear for men are changed. Some men’s jockstrap underwear comes specifically for sports while others come to flaunt your manly appeal.

Here are some of the reasons that would help you in taking the right decision when you are in the dilemma of buying the jockstraps for men.

  1. Men’s jockstrap style comes in a protective cup offering additional protection and support to your penis so that no serious damage could occur. These protective cups are in the form of plastic although steel cups were also made and used earlier. This underwear for men is a solid protective shield when playing sports or doing any physical activity. Moreover, different sports require different cup styles, so you won’t get bored wearing the same underwear for men every day.
  2. In the journey for designer underwear for men, men’s underwear has witnessed a lot of changes from loincloth to fashionable jockstraps. Earlier used for only sports, now there are fashionable jockstraps for you to get your desires out and live your dream life. There are many options available for you when it comes to men’s jockstraps – one for playing sports and the other one to enhance your masculine appearance.
  3. If you feel less is more and more is less, then this men’s jockstrap underwear is for you. With this designer underwear for men, that comes with less fabric, you can flaunt your booty and raise your sex appeal that too without any extra efforts. When finally, you will make your mind to buy men’s jockstraps, always keep in mind your waist size so you can easily look more appealing after wearing it.

Now it’s clear that the male jockstrap style has got its roots deep in the male fashion industry.

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