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Why Men’s Thongs Are Ruling the World!

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Men who wear a thong knows why every second man is preferring male thongs these days. Apart from only visually appealing these men’s thongs are also very comfortable and are a suitable item for all-day wear. Now the thong underwear for men is gaining popularity everywhere and is not left to be ripped off by strippers.

men's thong underwear

Image source: Skiviez

Today’s male thongs are not only attractive with less coverage but also provide you an option to flaunt as much of your maximum skin as making you look sexier than earlier.

Facts about Male Thongs that you might not know

  • The majority of the population is still in a dilemma that how a revealing piece of cloth is gaining popularity these days but little did they know that men’s thongs were quite popular even decades ago. Not only this, but the erotic underwear for men is the successor of the loincloth which was worn by men many years ago.
  • Men’s Thongs are not something you can judge by the first impression. Some men may have this thinking that thongs for men are only for special occasions or night and can’t be worn all day because of its revealing fabric. However, this erotic underwear for men style is designed in such a way to give you both comfort level as well as sexiness. It may feel slightly uncomfortable when you will wear it for the first time, but with the right shape, size, and fabric it will become your first choice.
  • Thongs for men gives your package support and ensure they do not suffocate. If you are confused about whether you should wear erotic underwear for men or not, then it’s high time you must go for them. Moreover, thong underwear for men keeps you cold and fresh and is an ideal choice for your workout routine.

5 Secrets you didn’t know about Male Thongs

There are many interesting secrets and fun facts about men’s underwear that are both practical and sensual as well. More than secrets, they are actually the benefits of male thongs.

men's thong underwear

Image source: Mensunderwearstore

  • When you are the one working day and night on your perfect 6 abs, sticking to your healthy routine, then who is stopping you from flaunting it? If you want to show off your sexy body, then men’s thongs are best to go with, making your high-grade impression and admiration in front of ladies.
  • Thongs for men are designed so that men have a chance to hit the goal on their intimacy nights. Hardly with any coverage, you can turn your wildest fantasy into possibility, leaving no room for imagination. With the underwear for men, you won’t even have to take training classes from strippers or practice pole dance as this will heat the mood quickly.
  • Who doesn’t like to be fresh and cool all day especially down there? Well, then men’s thongs are here for you to give you proper ventilation, keeping you cool, comfortable, and dry all day. Yes, the erotic underwear for men whose main benefit is only to give you sexiness and arousal, they also have the properties to consume the all-day sweat, preventing the odor-causing bacteria to thrive.
  • Do you want a great tan in breezy summers? Then you can! With the help of designer underwear for men style, you can bask in the sun at the beach and enjoy the sunlight glow on your skin. A male thong is always the relevant choice when it comes to experience the tan lines.
  • These underwear style for men have actually changed the perception that these are for ladies and male gays only.  Men’s thong is now delighted by everyone, even by ladies as it raises the sex appeal of men. Though there is a difference between a male thong and a female thong because of their own advantages but men who are wearing stylish underwear for men are getting recognition from all around the corner.
sexy men's thong

Image source: Erogenos

It’s time to grab your favorite men’s thongs and make yourself the trendsetter you always wanted to be!

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  1. J. Estiloz

    Straight, Married, Mid 30’s, Dad bod here. I’ve been wearing men’s thong underwear since my late teens. Back then, I wouldn’t dare wear a thong at school. These days, its the only style I wear. Best All-Around Men’s Thong underwear I’ve ever owned were by Emporio Armani, circa 2003. Fortunately for me, these were also my very first men’s thong underwear I’d ever tried. Since then, I’ve collected hundreds of men’s thongs. My collection consists of designer brands like Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein, down to the economy brands like Joe Boxer and Fruit Of The Loom. Papi men’s thong underwear is another all-time favorite of mine. Recently, I’ve become a big fan of Zonbailon men’s thong underwear. Zonbailon gives wearers luxury and affordability, all in one. Underwear doesn’t determine an individuals sexuality. My wife LOVES that I wear thong underwear. My older kids aren’t as open minded and my younger ones. My younger kids could care less. My older kids get all, “WTH Dad C’mon!”, whenever they see whale tail. LMFAO! My masculinity doesn’t dwindle from my underwear preference. If anything, thong underwear makes me feel more masculine. ‘Nd don’t get me started on my sex life! Sex is amazing when you feel sexy and thong underwear does exactly that for me and my wife. Thong On My Friends!

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