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Timoteo brings to you this pair of unique jockstrap for men.  This jockstrap has elegance along with the comfort and support that you need to get through your day. The main aim of this undergarment is to make sure you always look good and stylish.

About the Product

If you are trying to find the right undergarment that compliments your assets while making sure you look stylish, then you are in the right place. Timoteo brings to you aero-sport jockstrap for men. This piece of undergarment not only provides comfort and support but it also takes your style game to the next level and makes sure you’re never looking sloppy. The design of this underwear for men is simple yet altruistic making them one of the best undergarments in the market. The materials used to design these jockstraps for men comprise 90% polyester and 10% spandex, the use of polyester ensures the undergarment is comfortable and spandex has been provided to make sure it fits right.

These undergarments for men have a spacious front pouch that provides enough room for your tool to expand and contract easily. Also, the material used on the front pouch is made up of mesh which offers enough room for air to flow in and out easily without any restriction making you more comfortable and happy. These sensual jockstraps for men provide full coverage of your tool and buttocks and it enhances your overall sex appeal making you the alpha you are. This underwear for men sits low on the hips and it compliments your assets in the best way possible.

This pair of jockstraps for men provides a boost to your profile. masculine. It offers full coverage of your package and buttocks while keeping it in one place.

About the brand

Timoteo was started in Los Angeles in 2001, Today it has become one of the fastest-growing brands for undergarments for men.  Timoteo has various style options from swimwear, sportswear, underwear to denim collections. The main reason for starting this brand was the need for good quality undergarments for men while offering good design, exceptional fit, and quality.

The line is available through six retailers and via its website. It’s through our core principles and hard work that Timoteo keeps on growing and has become one of the go-to brands for undergarments for men.


Jonathan Guijarro

About the model

Jonathan Guijarro is one of the finest models in the industry, he has been more than just a model for our brand. He knows all about our underwear for men and the way he has been representing us is commendable and amazing.

Product Fitting

As the images show, this pair of jockstrap for men provides overall coverage of your tool and buttocks and at the same time, it has a mesh-like material on its front pouch which not only makes it look sexy but it also enhances the overall style. it gives a low waist fit which makes your v-shaped body look good and increases your masculinity. The product fits well on your waist and the elastic keeps it in one place preventing you from looking sloppy. To sum up, the fit is neither too loose nor too tight, just enough to make the experience perfect.

Product fabric quality

The materials used on this pair sexy jockstrap for men comprise polyester and spandex and they make sure the product is comfortable while providing a good fit. The materials support all shapes and sizes from small to extra-large, so you never have to compromise on quality or size for that matter.

Available Colors

This pair of jockstraps for men are available in a wide color range which makes it fun to choose from and it lets you select the one for you.

Best Occasion

These jockstraps for men are suitable, when going to the beach, spa, or pool parties. 


Small 28-29″
Medium 30-31″
Large 32-33″
X-Large 34-35″

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