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Underwear Review: Agacio Temptation Thong for men

by loveforundies   ·  9 months ago   ·  

The highlights of the men’s thong underwear

When you first look at thong for men, you know that Agacio assurance will help you get a better fit and feeling below the belt. Agacio Underwear has always been the men’s underwear brand that ensures men get a superior feeling down there even when the conditions are hot, humid, and hostile. This men’s thong underwear is a clear one that makes sure you are at ease even if you are a new one trying male thongs for the first time.

Take a look at the key highlights of the thongs for men here:

Assets-hugging men’s thongs

Designed by men for men – Agacio

Conventional male thongs with ample coverage

Ideal for beginners

Broad fabric coverage in the back

Pouch enhancing underwear with a focus on supporting and elevating the manhood.

Fabric composition: Viscose and spandex

Thong for men
Image Source: Agacio

About the brand

Agacio is a well-known brand in the men’s clothing industry for the sole reason: comfort. Pronounced as, “Agassio” which means “good” in Greek and it is the intention of the brand. The brand accepts that men’s clothing ought to be made by men since men understand what they need and look for in clothing. Most clothing available quite often appears as though it was planned by ladies. There is nothing amiss with ladies fashion originators, however, with regards to men’s clothing, folks realize what is generally agreeable. The brand creates the most agreeable men’s clothing styles like men’s briefs, male bikinis, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, men’s thongs, and jockstrap underwear for men.

Want to know more about men’s designer underwear? Click here:

About the mens thong underwear

The moment you see the image of the thong for men, you’d know that the looks are absolutely the one to make you feel supported and comfortable below the belt. The broad waistband is all that keeps the entire men’s designer underwear stay in one place looking radiant and shiny. Coming down, the pouch underwear for men features three different colors – one on the shaft, the other on the sides of the pouch and the last one is the thick piping on the extreme sides making sure that the pouch doesn’t move around.

Flipping the mens thong, you’d find that the broad fabric patch that covers the butt crack and also stay put on the butt flaps. This way the butts feel plump and you stay in one place. The support and the sex appeal coming together with these men’s thong underwear is absolutely the best. You can choose to wear this sexy underwear for men on a regular basis or for special times like workouts or lounging at home.

Fabric Used in thong for men

Fabric composition: Viscose and spandex

Colors in male thongs

Grey/White, Navy/Black, and White/Navy

Thong Underwear Review
Image Source: Agacio






Price of mens thong

$16.97 – US $24.88

Buy it here:

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