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How efficient are PRIVATE STRUCTURE’S bestsellers collection?

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PRIVATE STRUCTURE designs underwear styles that are suitable for all types of men and of all ages. The collection includes styles like Men’s Briefs, Trunk, Cutaway, Jammer, G-strings for men, and Jockstrap underwear too. To enhance the body silhouette, PRIVATE STRUCTURE offers thoughtfully constructed underwear that doesn’t letting you compromise with your comfort zone.

PRIVATE STRUCTURE underwear styles are great for daily activities to an executive. You can even wear them for outdoor activities and sport extreme.

How different is PRIVATE STRUCTURE from other brands? 

Regardless of the occasion, PRIVATE STRUCTURE designs styles with the principle of providing the right performance. Furthermore, the brand offers body contour molding underwear for men that offers a body-hugging silhouette. This enhances the personality and lets the wearer flaunt their features.

Whether you opt for male briefs or jockstraps, you will experience an equal amount of comfort with style along with the right amount of support. Hence, your manhood will experience better security and the right lifting.

 The male underwear styles offered by the brand include 3D form enhancing paneling technology due to which the wearer attains the appropriate shape and support. Hence there is no question about sagging of assets, keeping the heirloom looking as energetic as it should be.

 The quality of the fabric matters the most in any style of men’s underwear. PRIVATE STRUCTURE uses premium 4-way stretch as well as breathable cotton mix. This combination provides the wearer maximum amount of mobility anytime anywhere. 


  1. PRD

PRIVATE STRUCTURE’S PRD collection is one of the bestsellers. This collection is inspired by the colors of the rainbow with a design that beautifully embraces silhouette for a better fit to men’s body shape. Further, it even incorporates bulge enhancing and butt-lifting cuts. 

Private Structure PRD Collection
Image Source: Private Structure

For aesthetic and function as a brief life span elongation feature, piping design is being used around the thigh. Multi-color fabric tape is being at the band symbolized the PRD Collection. An overall clean, as well as polished look for all types of age groups, fine knitted matching color labels, are being used to cover the back waistband seam line. 

  1. Classic

Classic style meets current taste is what defines PRIVATE STRUCTURE’S classic collection. This is a major makeover of the old-style men briefs. Further, any pair from this collection flatters your contour with the right fabrication as well as silhouette-crafted mold. It even offers the effect of butt lifting and enhanced bulge.

Mens Underwear Style
Image Source: Private Structure

Moreover, to bring back the good old time, it includes styles in the softest color palette. With the help of premium raw materials, designers are able to provide classic looking waistband designs. These pairs offer the right grip to your waist as well as comfort level, a comfort level which is difficult to find in an old type of men’s brief.

3. Athlete

Athlete collection of Private Structure is created with the thought of providing an impact of looking masculine as well as extrovert-ish. For providing a better grip, designers have created styles with a high waistband so that slipping issues can be prevented. Moreover, the adjusted stretchiness on the waistband offers a form hold and less irritation on the skin. 

Mens hot underwear
Image Source: Private Structure

For extra comfort, the athlete collection including styles with wider seamline and the premium 4-way stretch cotton offers you complete mobility. Designers have added funky details accessorized on the body of the brief to associate with sports scenes, making the pair one-of-its-kind. The Athlete is one of Private Structure core collections that would never let you down.

4. Viscose from Bamboo

The Viscose from Bamboo is a gift from nature that is made from the premium high thread with smoothness as well as great durability textile. This leads to a higher protection of hygiene. 

Viscose from Bamboo
Image Source: Private Structure

The soft and forgy colors well represent the tone of nature. Furthermore, the design of dense cross-stitches is all over the brief body. This increases the substantial and even adds poise to the classy aesthetic value. Due to the high thread count, bamboo textile is thinner and cooler.

From executives to premium quality goers, the collection is loved by everyone.

5. Momentum Orange

One collection which is made for special occasions is none other than your Momentum Orange. It’s a provocative agent to trigger sparks and tantalize your desire.  

The collection includes mind-blowing designs made from unconventional material with the premium quality waistbands. The waistband comes with embossed wording technology offers you the luxe as well as an extravaganza. The entire collection is made to hug your body like your second skin as the Momentum orange collection will keep you under the limelight!

Speaking about the fabrics, the collection contains all sorts of fabric combinations including the mesh and see-through choices to create visual impact. This allows you to flaunt your skin and on the other hand, for the pouch area we are keeping it comfortable and supportive with conventional brief textiles. This collection has no space for ordinary styles. Anything-is-possible! 

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