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New Launch: Pistol Pete Color Slash Brief

by John Smith   ·  2 years ago   ·  

The highlights of Pistol Pete PPJ029 Color Slash Brief

Highlights of Pistol Pete PPJO29 Color Slash Brief underwear is easy to handle. The fabrics used in it make this pair a comfortable style. This sexy pair of men’s underwear is ideal for your everyday activities. Furthermore, the pouch element in the style gives a nice hold to your manhood. Moreover, it’s snug-fitted due to which your features are enhanced beautifully.

Pistol Pete PPJ029 Color Slash Brief
Image Source Erogenos

Not only it is available in three different colors, Black, Grey, and Navy, however, but you can also shop this pair in different sizes.

About Pistol Pete

Cutting edge men’s underwear brand that helps men feel at ease in their own flesh is what defines Pistol Pete. Pistol Pete as a brand believes in selling emotions. Further, every style of men’s underwear lets you feel powerful under your clothes. You are the only one who will know what are you wearing and that’s a wonderful sensation. If you can’t connect to this, you haven’t worn Pistol Pete ever.

Pistol Pete PPJ029 Color Slash Brief
Image Source Erogenos

This Miami-based men’s underwear brand is available all around the world Furthermore, the brand’s ego-boosting products appeal to all men, regardless of where they live. Not just you can shop Pistol Pete’s underwear collection online, but from the stores that are available around the world. You can even shop for limited edition or exclusive items from the official website of

About the men’s underwear

This pair of men’s brief underwear is designed out of Polyamide-Spandex. Polyamide-Spandex or Nylon-Spandex is an ideal substitute for rubber in clothes. Moreover, it offers great elasticity

due to which clothes or underwear can easily return to its original shape.

Regardless of how tight a specific style is, you will still feel comfortable. Apart from that, the fabric is lighter compared to your natural rubber.

Speaking about the silhouette, it is easy to handle and makes this pair ideal for every man out there. The style is great for your workout. Moreover, you can wear it for your everyday activities. To make this pair more comfortable, instead of adding a tag on the side seams of your underwear. Designers have printed the logo on the front of your male brief.

Pistol Pete PPJ029 Color Slash Brief
Image Source Erogenos

Another incredible feature of the style is even though it lacks a proper waistband, still, this pair of lingerie gives a nice hold on your waist. Because Pistol Pete’s Color Slash Brief underwear is snug-fitted hence your back profile gets a nice enhancement. Once you slip into this pair, your butt looks pumped up.

To maintain the quality of your underwear, stop washing it in the washing machine. Rather than switching to tumble dry, opt for air-drying technique.

You can shop Pistol Pete’s Color Slash Brief underwear for men in different colors as well as sizes. Furthermore, the amount of comfort, as well as support you get from this style, is outstanding.

Fabric Used

Polyamide – Spandex

Colors available




Pistol Pete PPJ029 Color Slash Brief
Image Source Erogenos






 Pistol Pete PPJ029 Color Slash Brief
Image Source Erogenos



Buy it here:

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