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New Launch: Pow Mens Brief Underwear – Fruit Punch is All Set to Bring Colors in Your Black and White Underwear Closet

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Image source: Supawear

The highlights of the style:

Brief underwear for men By Supawear includes a single-layered pouch for more freedom and comfort. Its super-fit accentuates your pelvic (V) line and glutes and the CURV pouch in it offers extreme boost and extra support without being restrictive. Another benefit of CURV pouch is that it keeps your male genitals away from your skin and reduces skin infections such as chaffing and sweating

Fruit Punch brief underwear for men has a super sexy fit that accentuates your pelvic region and your ass.

Investing in these male briefs is a great idea because it gives your boys an enhanced but natty lift and its lightweight and cooling effect keeps you comfy all day and night. Check out this video to see Supawear POW Collection:

About the brand:

Supawear is an Australian men’s underwear brand and younger brothers of 2eros, who are taking on some technology, such as the ‘CURV’ cutout. Supawear believes that fashion is not only limited to what you can see on the outside, but also what lies beneath. Finding yourself in literally all layers is what Supawear stands for. Supawear provides men with sexy, fun and affordable essentials designed to make them feel like superheroes. The brand prides itself on offering “Supa” quality and design, which is most definitely “not for the ordinary.”

About the men’s underwear:

These men’s brief underwear include the XCURV pouch which beautifully lifts, supports and holds your male genitals and keeps them in right place without being restrictive. These colorful and sexy male underwear features a super vibrant and uplifting print hence these men’s briefs are enough to turn your bad day into a good day hence we recommend you to pick Supawear POW brief underwear for men. This sexy looking brief underwear comprises of the elasticated waistband in black with the Supawear logo repeated.

Speaking about the fabrics, these men’s brief underwear is designed in 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex that makes your lingerie moisture resistant, stretchable and flexible. Being moisture-resistant underwear you can trust them for your intense workout regime because it absorbs the sweat very well that leaves your male underwear dry. Similarily spandex in these male lingerie enhances the flexibility, stretachability of your male brief.

Although its a wonderful pair of male underwear, packed with a hundred advantages still we would recommend you to keep few things in mind such as do not go for machine wash, bleach, or tumble dry as it can ruin the quality of the fabrics which are used in these men’s briefs.

These men’s briefs look so good and for that, we would like to thank photographer Adrian C. Martin, whose photography has just embraced the entire pair. Check out this post:

Fabrics Used:

These comfortable pair of brief underwear is made out of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Colors available:

These men’s briefs are designed in various colors such as POW Brief Underwear – Dessert, POW Brief underwear- Fruit Punch and POW Brief Underwear- Ink. Go ahead and pick the one in your favorite print and get ready to steal the show.


  • S 30-31 inch 76-79cm
  • M 32-33 inch 81-84cm
  • L 34-35 inch 86-89cm
  • XL 36-37 inch 91-94cm



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