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Model Kevin Carlos in TEAMM8 Mens Brief Underwear

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A new face in the modeling world, Kevin Carlos featured in the recent photoshoot of famous photographer Adrian C. Martin. Kevin Carlos, 24 years old is a fitness model and a barber by profession based in the Canary Islands of Spain. He looks stunning in those briefs. As we can see he is wearing Micromax briefs which are from the latest collection of the famous Australian brand TEAMM8. The special thing about these men’s briefs is that you can wear them as swimwear. It is the perfect underwear to wear at the gym. The fabric of these briefs dries fast which makes them more demanding.


Model: Kevin Carlos
Underwear: TEAMM8
Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Kevin Carlos

Images Source: Instagram

Model Kevin Carlos wearing Teamm8 underwear

Image source: Menandunderwear

Image source: Menandunderwear

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