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TASTE Menswear Launches Their Debut Signature Gay Underwear Collection

by John Smith   ·  1 year ago   ·  

Taste Menswear is launching its new collection of men’s gay underwear. Let’s check out the guide and collection it has made for us!

TASTE Menswear is a new underwear brand from well-known content creator ‘Danny Boy XXX’ – The TASTE brand is all about luxury, class and premium styles for the fashion-conscious modern gay man.

TASTE launched in September 2022 with their debut collection – ‘The Signature Collection’. The collection consists of 5 men’s jockstraps, 5 briefs and 2 harnesses. The collection was specially designed to be mixed and matched, giving customers the option to opt for an all-black look, an all-white look, or mixing between the different variations of the staple colours.

The brand is a UK based gay underwear brand, with the collection manufactured in Portugal. It ensures the highest standards were met during the design and creation phase. This is something that has not gone unnoticed by customers. So far the brand has amassed some very positive reviews after selling 80% of styles in the month of launch. 

We got a chance to sit down with the owner and creator of the brand, Danny Boy – and to ask him some questions about TASTE Menswear, keep reading to find out what he said.

Where Did the Idea for Taste Come From?

I’ve been in the underwear industry for a few years now and personally felt that there is a lack of gay underwear brands in the UK, with most of the biggest brands operating from the US, Canada, and Europe.

mens hot underwear -TASTE Menswear
Image Source: Tastemenswear

Only a select few have made enough of an impact in the UK for me to consider, great brands such as SUKREW for example. 

What Is Taste All About in Your Own Words?

TASTE for me is all about embodying your inner luxury-loving self and embracing that. We all like the nicer things in life, nice clothes, nice shoes – I don’t feel like underwear should be taken any less seriously just because it’s underwear.

TASTE was designed for those looking to look and feel sexy, in premium-luxury-grade fabrics. It’s all about personal TASTE.

What Was Your Inspiration Behind the Signature Collection?

If I’m being honest, there’s no immediate inspiration behind the collection. I wanted the debut collection to be more universal so that more guys could experience the collection for themselves.

men's fashion underwear - TASTE Menswear
Image Source: tastemenswear

I think if you launch a brand with a niche collection such as neon, or leather – you’re going to limit the brand. This collection consists of staple colours that we ALL have, Black, Grey & White.

What Kind of Response Have You Received for Taste So Far?

The response we’ve had so far has been overwhelmingly amazing – we really wanted to create something that would make people go ‘Wow, this fit is incredible’ – and we did!

mens sexy underwear - TASTE Menswear
Image Source: Tastemenswear

A high percentage of our customers have purchased one or two pairs and then come back for more in other colours – we must be doing something right?

So What’s Next for Taste? When Can We Expect a New Collection?

Whilst of course, I can’t go into too much detail – I can reveal our next collection IS in the works already. However, whilst no launch date has been chosen, we’re hoping for an early 2023 release. Think colour!

You can shop TASTE Menswear Signature Collection now at 

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