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Do You Want to Be Famous with the Skiviez Fan Contest?

by John Smith   ·  1 year ago   ·  

So, practically you can choose either a male model youw ant to choose in skiviez fan contest. Just check out the blog now!

Everyone wants to be famous, right? Well! If you want to do so, then you must be ready, because Skiviez is doing just that right now. Skiviez, your favorite men’s underwear online store, has launched the “Skiviez Fan Contest,” which allows you to become famous with a single click.

mens hot underwear
Image Source: SKiviez

Everything you need to know about the Skiviez Fan Contest and how to enter is included in this blog post itself. Simply take a stunning photo of yourself wearing your favorite or most sexiest designer underwear and send it to the Instagram @Skiviezofficial account. Invite your family and friends to like the photo, and the shot with the most likes will win a prize.

Well, you just need to buy any underwear from the Skivez online store in order to participate in the contest. So, you will get a chance to become Skiviezfannov22 and win special prizes from

mens sexy underwear
Image Source: Skiviez

Like every contest, the Skiviez Fan Contest also has some rules that you must follow. They are:

1. Upload a photo of yourself in men’s underwear to our Instagram account, @Skiviezofficial after purchasing from

2. The picture must include the model’s face and body.

3. Your photo will be reviewed before it is made public on the Instagram account.

4. All Instagram contest pictures are open for likes.

5. People can like as many models as they choose.

6. The winner will be selected based on the highest number of likes received throughout the Instagram account.

7. This contest is open to everyone aged 18.

8. You can share the post on your social media profile or ask your friends or relatives to like it.

9. Skiviez shall have the right to edit, adapt, and modify participants’ submissions and also to promote on social media.

10. All the participants will get $25 on their Skiviez account, which can be used to make purchases on

11. The contest winner will win a special reward of $100. The second and third winners will get $50 in their Skiviez accounts.

These are some of the rules that must be understood and followed while participating in the contest. Now is the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by simply posting a photo and sharing the word for likes. Check out the other images on the contest page and click yours as well.

mens fashion underwear
Image Source: Skiviez

Winners will be featured on our Fan page, and prizes will be credited straight to their Skiviez accounts as Skiviez money to be used for future purchases on Best wishes and cheers for the same!

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