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Men’s Erotic Underwear

by John Smith   ·  11 months ago   ·  

Our men’s erotic underwear collection offers a wide range of sexy men’s underwear – including jockstraps, thongs, singlets and much more.

Hey guys! A warm welcome to everyone reading this and I hope that you are doing just as fine as a pleasant Sunday morning. Let’s just take a long pause and take a leap back to our history. It all started with adam and a leaf on his precious tools. I know its not much to hide someone’s genitals but at least it is something. Then after a long time, we encountered Egyptians with their loincloth which was a great achievement for humanity in general.

Then came France with their sexy lingerie. Both the word and the apparel. Exciting right. All of this to cover one’s precious tools or formerly known as genitals. And I think that the task is done right and the motive is completed, but what now. There is always a next and today we are going to discuss that next part. Today we will be discussing about erotic underwear. Not for women but for men, so let’s just dive right into it without any further adieu.

Erotic men’s underwears as the word suggests are the underwear that helps the wearer look sexier and boost their sex appeal. It’s nothing but a branch of men’s underwear which involves further sub-branches of categories. Some of the men’s erotic underwears are

Men’s Bikini

Formerly known as the men’s underwear but I consider it as a flag bearer of men’s erotic underwear.

Airotic Mesh Butt Out Bikini
Image Source: Male Power

The most obvious underwear to get into if you wish for a sudden transformation of yourself. The fabric used in making these is healthy for your skin and help you outshine others.

Men’s Thongs

Resembling a bikini bottom, these men’s thongs are as different as they can be. At the back of this sexy men’s underwear, the fabric tends to reduce and is reduced until it is minimum.

CandyMan 99420 Double Lace Thongs Color Gray - Men’s Erotic Underwear
Image Source: Pikante

The fabric at the back tries to cover the gap between the buttocks making it sensual than ever. The basic idea is to cover the genitals and nothing else, leaving the rest of the skin to glance upon.

Men’s G-String

It is said to be a type of thongs, but men’s g-string has a stature of their own. As the word suggests, apart from the fabric that covers your genitals, the fabric is attached to some strings which have the responsibility to hold on to your body and make things sexy as they can be.

Cover Male CML031 Inviting G-String - Men’s Erotic Underwear
Image Source: Mensuas

Men’s Jockstraps

The idea of these designer men’s jockstraps was to make things easier while doing any sporty activity but its design left the spectators mesmerized forcing fashionists to consider it as erotic men’s underwear.

CX21N JOCKSTRAP - Men’s Erotic Underwear
Image Source: Cocksox

Men’s Briefs

Last but definitely not the least. A legend in terms of men’s underwear as it has been in the industry for so long. The reason for its existence is the rugged machoness they give to the wearer.

Whistler Briefs - Men’s Erotic Underwear
Image Source: Garcon Official

These were some men’s erotic underwear to choose from. Getting your hands on one of these would definitely make sure you have something to remember by.

If you wish to add something to this then do let us know in the comment section below.

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