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How can Tom Ford Underwear enhance the charm of getting naked?

by loveforundies   ·  9 months ago   ·  

Did you ever think that getting naked could be as beautiful as staying in your most beloved pair of male underwear? Did you ever think that wearing a specific style of underwear from a specific brand can transform your look even when naked? Well, we don’t know about other lingerie brands, but the Tom Ford male underwear range can do that.

Tom Ford Underwear
Image Source: Tom Ford

Tom Ford, as a person, prioritizes comfort over style, as a result, he won’t even mind going commando if he finds it worthy enough. You will be surprised to know that, he doesn’t even like to wear boxers or briefs for men. And if you find going to commando an appropriate option, you can go with it. However, if you don’t want to take any risk and feel like sticking to pair of briefs or boxers, then Tom Ford’s latest and fully developed underwear line is meant for you. 

What makes this collection of male underwear different?

This range of male underwear comprises soft fabric and looks fabulous even when you are in front of your partner. This range is best for those days when you just to relax, light that cigar, and want to relive those good old days. Tom even recommends wearing any style If you are going on date and confused about what will look good beneath your pants, choosing flesh-toned skivvies or something more exotic can never go wrong. 

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Wearing any pair of underwear from this collection will never make you look old fashion. 

How can Tom Ford Underwear make you look naked without getting naked?

Now that’s the tricky question to answer, but you know, Tom Ford has efficiently answered that question without being stereotypical.

Tom Ford Underwear
Image Source: Tom Ford

Tom Ford has included seven different shades of nude to suit each skin tone rather than the traditional beige tone that the term often passes off as. This range of male underwear is made from some of the comfortable and luxurious fabrics such as cotton stretch jersey, cotton, and silk fabrications. Yet, in case you’re an adherent to not holding back out on style and fashion in the undergarment department, this underwear range does offer underwear in animal prints as well as metallic shades in cotton stretch jersey and silk. 

Can we expect variation from Tom Ford in his latest underwear range?

Absolutely. Tom Ford is a designer who believes in experimenting so expecting no variation in his styles is next to impossible. Styles of male underwear which you will find in this range are trunks, briefs, short boxers, and boxers; offering Tom Ford branded waistband in velvet. If this is not sexy and luxurious, we don’t know what else could be? Tom Ford underwear range for men even offers male undies in striking animal prints along with underwear in nude flesh tones.

Tom Ford Underwear Blog
Image Source: Tom Ford Underwear

It’s hard to commend any Tom Ford creation with the man himself. Tom Ford is not much of a smell-the-roses kind of guy. You might not be aware of the fact that Tom Ford is extremely a workaholic person as a result, by the time, you get the latest products, he’s off working on the next big thing. Tom Ford’s life is full-powered by ego, purpose, and doughnuts. But how long Tom Ford will be able to keep on Tom Ford–in’?

Well, this is something which we don’t care, all we want is Tom Ford to keep on designing incredible pairs of men’s underwear and keep on making their lives easier, comfortable, and most important “luxurious”. All we want is Tom Ford to make men realize Fashion is all about confidence so not matter whether you cover your manhood with male boxer or boxer briefs, if you own that pair with immense confidence, you can beat any person.

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  1. manna

    I wear the Tom ford so many months ago.. your blog remind me the amazing comfort of this brand. Like this point most How can Tom Ford Underwear make you look naked without getting naked? because this is really happened when you wear the tom ford underwear. Bless you all.. keep going, doin great work sharing too much information about the mens underwear.

    1. Thank you so much. Stay tuned for more.

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