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The very first things that you should be prepped with in Men’s Thongs

by loveforundies   ·  11 months ago   ·  

The men’s underwear industry has changed so much in the last few decades that if you start taking a look at the designs and patterns, you would notice the difference. If you take a look at this blog by Ten Country, you’d see that only 2% of men buy and wear thongs for men. However, a lot has changed since then. Now, men might not talk about male thongs in the open, but the sales on websites like Mensuas certainly confirm that a lot of men are looking forward to buying and wearing the respective men’s sexy underwear. The underneath fashion industry is as private as the men’s underwear styles. Not kidding, but if you ask someone to tell their opinion on what kind of men’s fashion underwear they would prefer, there’ll always be two – men’s brief underwear and boxer briefs for men

History of men’s thongs

Well, thongs for men have been there in existence for a VERY long time but in the early 1980s, the style saw a radical change in the underwear for men industry. Back then, the men’s thong underwear was a style that changed the face of the men’s underneath fashion but if you look now, you’d see that the men’s designer underwear  style is further segregated into variants like lace thongs for men, men’s sheer thongs, sporty thongs, and so many others. 

Now widely available, thongs for men are available in bikini underwear-like cuts, sexy to subtle coverage options, multitudes of textures, and pouch options from which men could choose from.

The various options available in men’s thong underwear

When it comes to the variants, you would notice that some have already been mentioned above. However, that’s not the end of the list here. You have numerous other male thong variants that you should know about before choosing the one that makes it ideal for you. Let us look at them starting from the most conventional ones to men’s exotic underwear coverage options.

The conventional men’s thong underwear:

With ample coverage in the front, you would be able to find a strappy design in the back that goes between the butts yet some part of it is visible on the outside. These are more like men’s bikinis with skimpier coverage.

Mens Thong Underwear
Image Source: Skiviez

Lace thongs:

 Lace underwear for men has been there in the industry for quite some time now. Good Devil, Joe Snyder, and a few other brands have been the master of crafting such intricate options for men. Talking about lace thongs for men, you would find newer brands, newer designs, and conventional sensuality. You call them sheer underwear for men or lace underwear, it is the same thing. However, sheer thongs are a completely different category.

Mens Lace Thongs
Image Source: Secret Male

Sporty thongs:

Sporty thongs for men are the ones that make the best companions for times when you want to sweat it out and get in a good shape yet don’t prefer to wear something bulky like boxer brief underwear.

Mens Sporty Thong
Image Source: Male Power

G-string thongs:

 The next in line is the skimpier version of the conventional style that definitely is a lot sexier. You might know them as a different line of men’s underwear all together but that was not the case earlier. In fact, the collection of men’s g-string underwear was the skimpier version of men’s thong underwear itself. Well, now it is a separate collection and is loved by men who want to go commando. Made for romantic purposes, these men’s thongs’ main motive is to please the partner.

Mens G-string thong
Image Source: Mensuas

When can you wear thongs for men? 

Thong underwear for men is viewed as so agreeable that they can be worn each day and on any event. In any case, men believe it to be a men’s sexy underwear style that generates curiosity, they save it for those exceptional occasions when looking best matters. Men might have a cabinet brimming with underwear of various styles, choosing the male thongs for exceptional events, has done no harm to anyone ever.

What to take care of in men’s thong underwear?

Consider the style’s varieties:
If you’re someone who’s new men’s thongs, the very very first thing to grasp is that there’s not only one respective style under the category. In fact, there are many sorts in terms of coverage and you should choose the one that makes a difference for you – in the right way.

Get the proper size:
Size is the biggest factor that’ll facilitate the way you feel you or you wish to feel within the pair. The incorrect size would cause you to feel irritated moreover as regretted paying for such minimal mens underwear styles. Hence, it’s always better for you to own the correct size or a size bigger than the traditional men’s thongs down there to stay everything balanced.

What do you think about men’s thong underwear? Do let us know in the comments below.

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