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Want to be more open with men’s g-string underwear? Try these brands

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Let’s be honest, men’s g-string underwear is sexy and you know it. And there is no harm in wearing such explicit styles of male lingerie after all they are meant for wearing and showcasing your features. This pair of lingerie accentuates your features so well that it’s hard to not look at you.

Though there are men who feel shy wearing such styles, still want to give these a chance, then it’s time that you start from the experts level. I know, I know, most of you must be wondering ” how come this person advise beginners to begin with difficult pairs?”. Trust me, to look great you need to take things to next level.

This men’s underwear blog comprises some of the boldest pairs of g-string underwear from brands that are experts in designing the sexiest styles.

Style 1: Secret Male SML020 Tie Up G-String

When it’s about taking things to next level, you need to include Secret Male, I mean look at the pairs offered by the brand. Though the style name is Secret Male’s Tie Up G-string underwear BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO HIDE.

Secret Male SML020 Tie Up men's g-string underwear on Mensuas
Image Source: Mensuas

This spicy g-string underwear is constructed with a string pattern and is attached to a string waistband. Moreover, it offers a charming as well as gorgeous appearance.

Designers have added a flavor of exoticness by adding small ring-like attachments from which the thin ribbon goes. This element works as icing on the cake. If you got that toned thighs and six-pack abs, you need to give this pair a chance.

Occasion to wear: Sexual intercourse and roleplay

Price: $9.74-$11.37

Shop: Mensuas

Good Devil GDL035 Rock Hard G-string

Sexy g-string and Good Devil’s name go hand in hand. If anyone asks me one brand that I would like them to go with when looking for sexy styles, I can swear by Good Devil’s lingerie styles.

Good Devil GDL035 Rock Hard men's g-string underwear on Mensuas
Image Source: Mensuas

Good Devil’s Rock Hard G-string underwear for men is one such example. This tiny pair comes with a broad waistband and a pouch with a cutout. Further, men who are starting with g-string for the first time can consider this. Besides sexy silhouette, the combination of polyamide and spandex makes this style a reason to wear.

Occasion: Sexual intercourse and Roleplay

Price: $16.24

Shop: Mensuas

Secret Male SML024 Full Frontal men’s g-string underwear

To be frank, I am in love with this pair. And the element which attracts me the most is the patch of the lace used in the pouch area. And that cut in the pouch makes it one of its kind.

Secret Male SML024 Full Frontal men's g-string underwear on Mensuas
Image Source: Mensuas

This men’s exotic underwear gives the wearer a seductive as well as desired look. If you are questioning the comfort and long-lasting factor, then don’t.

Designers have used the double stitching technique which makes this pair extremely sturdy, strong, and comfortable. Because it’s lightweight and embraces your lower anatomy, you should definitely wear it at the time of sexual intercourse. I am totally fine if you like to wear it when you want to relax half-naked. Speaking about the maintenance part, you need to hand wash the style. Avoid areas with direct sunlight.

Price: $10.56

Occasion: Sexual Intercourse

Shop: Mensuas

Kyle KLL016 Mineral men’s g-string underwear

Want to play safe and stay stylish? Kyle Mineral G-string is best for you. For someone who is a beginner and not interested in taking risks, this is the correct style for men.

Kyle KLL016 Mineral men's g-string underwear on Mensuas
Image Source: Mensuas

It offers the right coverage, support, and a good hold on the waist. Furthermore, this male g-string underwear comes with two-tone coverage. Moreover, the criss-cross pattern piping in the front makes you look even more appealing.

Speaking about the functionality of the pouch, it’s 10/10. Did we mention, it’s breathable and great for men with the bigger bulge.

As a result, you don’t have to compromise with your comfort zone.

Occasion: Everyday activities and sexual intercourse

Price: $10.96

Shop: Mensuas

Daniel Alexander DAL040 Monster G-string

Another safe pair of g-string for men is Daniel Alexander Monster G-string. This pair of men’s G-string underwear offers good coverage on the pouch area. Further, it comes with a string-like waistband. To make it look fashionable, designers have used prints and cutouts on the pouch area. Polyamide and Spandex make this style really comfortable and supportive.

Daniel Alexander DAL040 Monster men's g-string underwear on Mensuas

Occasion: Everyday activities

Price: $11.37

Shop: Mensuas

Do let us know your experience with these men’s g-string underwear and stay tuned for more interesting content.

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