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What is better for guys? Men’s thong or women’s thong?

by loveforundies   ·  11 months ago   ·  

Men’s thong or women’s thong, there is not a huge difference between both these styles. Both of them serve the same purpose. All the features are mostly the same except one, which you will come to know in this blog. 

Pros of men and women thong:

1. Men and women thong is comfortable

Both the styles are comfortable. Looking at the design language of men’s thongs and women’s thongs, you will find them similar. The silhouettes of both styles are skinny and let you showcase your best features. Further, the fabrics used in male thongs and women thongs are also similar, men can also find styles made out in fabrics like lace, sheer, and silk. 

Daniel Alexander DAK057 Thong
Image Source: Erogenos

Men’s thongs and women’s thongs are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and easy to carry. Both genders can attain perfect suntan with this style of underwear. 

2. No more panty lines 

Just like women, men do not like to show their panty lines and what kind of lingerie are they wearing. Is that boxers, briefs, men’s bikini underwear, or thongs, men don’t want other people to gossip about what kind of underwear they are wearing. Hence, thongs.

With thongs, men and women both get the freedom to wear their favorite outfits. From wearing tight-fitted jeans to bodycon dresses, men and women both get the freedom to feel confident and happy in their favorite outfits. 

Good Devil GDK055 Ertoic Sexy Thong Blue
Image Source: Erogenos

Men’s thongs and women’s thongs both are hygienically friendly than the alternative. This tiny pair of lingerie makes sure that you are free and clear of any health issues skin irritation or odors if you feel sexy in your clothes, you can rest assured that the visual confusion does not get in the way.

3. Both comes with the sexiness factor

There is something about thongs. Everything becomes magical once you slip into it. The way it enhances your features is something that cannot be expressed in words. No matter which outfit you choose to pair with thongs, it will make you feel super sexy. With thongs, everyone is allowed to embrace the confidence that comes along with this tiny pair of lingerie. Whether it’s about giving 100% to your office presentation or working out in the gym, everything can be done confidently. This sexy underwear can be worn during sexual intercourse as well.

If you have thongs don’t forget to take good care of this style. Do not machine wash, tumble dry and iron it. Instead, opt for air-drying and hand washing techniques. This way your style will stay for a longer time. 

Cover Male CMK062 All over me Thong
Image Source: Erogenos

The feature you won’t find in women’s thong

All the features of men’s thong and women’s thong are similar except one and that is lack of pouch. You cannot find pouch elements in women’s underwear. 

The pouch element is used in male thongs to keep their manhood secured and protected. Furthermore, men can wear this sexy male underwear even for the gym as the “POUCH” elements keep their jewels protected and safe. In various pairs of thongs, you will find a sheer fabric used in it if you got a similar style and you need to wear it as often as you can to experience the right amount of breathability.

Just ensure you are wearing thongs incorrect size as one wrong pair of underwear can cause huge discomfort. Moreover, you might not even feel great and won’t be able to perform efficiently. So keep these points in mind. 

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