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Cover Male

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Image source: Skiviez

Talking literally about these two words “Cover” and “Male” is a bit deceiving. To be honest the brand actually doesn’t cover the male rather the brand chooses to embrace it and reveal them without even getting a peek at it. That is the beauty of it. Established in the year 2011, Cover Male has never turned their back since then.

Dozed up by the dull and monotonous ideas and designs of the fellow members of this multi-billion-dollar industry, Cover Male stepped up and decided to build that is something different than the usual, something that is titillating and expresses all the feelings of ours wearers. The brand believes in something that is above mere a show and that is capable of delivering exactly what’s in the mind. To sum up all of this, Cover Male presented the astonishing and infamous range of men’s underwear. And just the basics, Cover Male has successfully transformed the men’s lingerie industry and tries to keep it likewise.

Talking about the categories the brand offers, it is safe to say that the brand features designs in every possible category there is in the men’s section. From Men’s bikini to Men’s briefs and Men’s g-strings to men’s thongs, the brand has it all.

Now it comes down to the other aspect of this wearing experience and when we talk about the experience it is not only the designs but the comfort as well. Cover Male is proud to say that our products are well tested and experienced in every possible situation.

Cover Male offers the following popular underwear styles:

To believe in all of this, just take a look on our website by clicking on the link, and virtually experience the thrill you were missing.





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