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A Day in the Bull’s Eye, or What Happens When I Test Men’s Leggings

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago   ·  

So. Let’s talk about men’s gym wear and Men’s Leggings.

With cross-training becoming the next big thing in sports, even the toughest of dudley dudes have turned their eyes to sports like yoga, Crossfit, HIIT, and more. Gone are the days when cyclists were weird for choosing sleek lycra instead of flappy shorts.

Image Source: metadomeggings

Plus, we’ve seen the rise of ‘compression gear’ as the new sporty must-have. Packed with promises of better warmups, faster recovery, and overall better performance, compression Men’s Leggings have become the new hot thing. So I had to try a pair.

The Brand

Matador Meggings talk a big talk. The style, fun patterns, and comfortable workout gear made specifically for men. They swear I’ll get a seamless gym-to-life transition pant I can wear whenever, wherever, and feel more of a rockstar than Shakira herself.

Image Source: metadomeggings

They promise I’ll have the suave and swagger of a matador, the package of a superhero, and be granted access to a unique brotherhood of Bulls, as fans call themselves. Do they deliver?

Let’s find out.

The Creator

Matador is the brainchild of Valentine Aseyo, a man with a plan and an eye for what was missing in men’s gym wear. Tired of seeing cute women’s gym gear and nothing for men like me, he set about creating the Matador range. No B.S, no corners cut, just a cut-to-the-chase Men’s Leggings brand you can rely on.

He went with cool colors, ethical suppliers, sustainable sources, and a smart design. With a brand ethos of inclusion and diversity, he’s also built up a community of ‘Bulls,’ guys from all walks of life who love what their meggings bring to the table.

And now I’m here to test the waters.

The Men’s Leggings Conundrum

It takes a lot of cajones to walk around in leggings as a guy, let alone work out. It’s for men with rock-hard abs and egos to match, right? So I felt a little shy going into this experiment.

I was pleasantly surprised. The polyester-lycra blend fabric was sturdy and felt suitably covering despite the natural cling. They sit at your ab line, so if you own a sculpted stomach you can show it off. I added a tank from my own wardrobe and felt perfectly comfortable living my life. I even stopped off to grab milk without the whole store running in panic. And, no lie, I liked the way it made my butt look in the mirror. But that’s between me and…well, the whole internet, now.

There’s a vast range of whimsical patterns. I tried the Gray and Black, because I was already feeling out of my depth, but there’s plenty of bright options if you’re bolder.

What I Liked About Meggings:

  • The Crotch Cup: Ok, ok, you’re probably not here for me talking about ball pouches, but this deserves to be highlighted. One major problem in sports Men’s Leggings , for me at least, has been the pinch factor. There’s just no way to artfully arrange yourself so it doesn’t feel awkward. Working out worrying about knocking your nuts isn’t fun. And, let’s be 100% honest, it usually looks awkward too. The Matador Meggings are designed with male anatomy in mind. There was room for comfort, and the removable crotch cup let me tone those babies down. You can waltz around the gym doing your thing and not worry about who’s going to be filming you for a TikTok rant. It’s peace of mind, and I loved it.
  • The Compression: I am not going to lie. Hot or not, the idea of ‘compression’ gear didn’t really appeal. Too much mental imagery of my package in a vice (I promise that’s the last on that topic). But I found it surprisingly comfortable. More like a big hug around the calves than a tight grip. And it made them comfortable to wear and stopped things chafing and rubbing. 
  • The Zip Pocket: Matador meggings actually came with two pocket setups, one zipped and the other unzipped. An unzipped pocket isn’t anything new in sportswear, and it was sturdy and practical enough. But the zipped pocket? I’m in love. I can do my thing without wondering where I left my phone and if it was somewhere stupid. It’s a small detail, but it wooed me.
ARROW MEGGINGS - Men’s Leggings
Image Source: metadomeggings

Overall? I found them comfortable and easy to wear with a great range of movement, so sporty folks will be happy. I’ve heard women-I-know go on about how comfortable leggings are. Now I get it. I could see myself living in these quite happily. There’s a few fit tweaks- I liked the no-roll waistband- to make sure you don’t flash.

The Big Conclusion of Men’s Leggings

For my first, very tentative steps into the world of men’s leggings, I was honestly very pleasantly surprised. I spent a day in front of my PC, hit the town (well, went grocery shopping, at least) on my bike, then cranked out what passes for a workout in my daily life, and the Matador Meggings went balls to the wall with me (OK, I lied earlier). I didn’t feel shy or ‘out there’ wearing them. They were comfortable, covering, true to size, and have a variety of nifty fit features. And my beloved zip pocket.

Image Source: metadomeggings

Would I wear them again? Definitely. And who knows, maybe by summer I’ll even crank up the courage for a brighter design and earn my ‘Bull’ horns fair and square. Are you going to try a pair? Be sure to let me know if you do!

Stay connected with us to know more about the meggings review and other brands’ men’s underwear reviews as well.

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