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Image source: Bodyaware


Built with a design that can make a change, Body Aware presents this designer brief for men. This piece has the style along with the subtleness. So, hang tight before you reach where you are supposed to be.

About the Product

If you are trying to find an undergarment that offers support and style, then you are in the right place. Body Aware brings for you sexy men’s briefs for those who want to look good and feel good. The design of this undergarment for men is quite simple yet, very altruistic which makes it one of the best undergarments on the market. The materials used to design these bold undergarments for men are nylon and spandex that ensure you are comfortable and you feel confident. At the front, you have a spacious pouch on these undergarments for men that has a contour lining and provides space for your package to expand and contract with ease. The materials on these designer undergarments for men ensure you get good airflow and there is no sweat retention of any kind. The best thing about this undergarment for men is that it offers partial visibility through its mesh-like materials which makes you look sexy and masculine. It offers full coverage of your package and buttocks while keeping it in one place. This pair of mesh briefs for men provides a boost to your profile.

About the brand

Incorporated in 1985, The origins of Body Aware can be traced back to a game of squash between its co-founders David and Kristina in China that finally led to a partnership. The main idea behind Body Aware was the need for good and stylish undergarments for men. David found out that there was a need for silk underwear in Europe as all the undergarments were made from cotton jersey. He found that silk was a better alternative to it and it was at this moment that Body Aware’s undergarments for men were designed and produced. Since then many changes have occurred in the company but, it’s mission and purpose remain the same. 


Steven Edward Dehler

About the model

Steven Dehler has been associated with the brand not only as a model but as a dear friend too. He knows all about the products and he has tried our undergarments for men. How he carries himself and our brand has been remarkable.

Product fitting

As shown in the images, these briefs for men provide an overall coverage to your package and buttocks. It provides partial visibility through the mesh-like material. Your precious assets and tool remain safe and comfortable while you do whatever you want. The elastic used in the pouch provides enough room for expansion and contraction which gives enough room to your package. The product fits well on your waist and the elastic keeps it in one place preventing you from looking sloppy. To sum up, the fit is neither too loose nor to tight, just enough to make the experience perfect

Product Fabric Quality

The product has been designed with nylon and spandex. This pair of men’s brief speaks for itself which makes it one of the best products that money can buy. These undergarments for men provide a rich look and feel making it comfortable and sensual. Spandex has been used to make the experience more cherishable and make your life wonderful. The materials support all shapes and sizes from small to extra-large, so you never have to compromise on quality or size for that matter. The fabric used provides a premium quality product at the best market rate.

Available colors

These briefs for men are available in a wide range of colors and options which makes it fun to choose from and prevents your life from becoming redundant and boring.

Best Occasion

These briefs for men are suitable for all occasions from indoors to outdoor, they cover all the occasions from chilling on the beach, working out in the gym, to romantic encounters. Whatever is the occasion they never fail to amaze everyone and make you look good. These undergarments for men are the best thing that can happen to you. so, stop thinking and get yourself one today.


Small 28-20”
Medium 31-33”
Large 34-36”
Extra Large 37-39”
2XL 40-42”

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