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Underwear Review: Animal Pouch Short Is All About Fun And Frisky Encounter

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Features that make the style a must-have

Animal Pouch Short from Male Power is pair of underwear that enhances your manly features like anything. This sung fitted pair of shorts makes it the reason for having them. 

Though this pair of male shorts look traditional yet its feline print offers fun and frisky encounter. This pair of shorts comes with a supportive pouch due to which your manly features remain safe and sound. Because it comes with snug-fitting, features like butt and thighs get great enhancement. 

Its lightweight feature offers the wearer the feeling of nothingness down there.

Why have these?

Male Power Animal Pouch Short for men is soft, comfortable, and supports your male genitals. These pair of shorts are great for your everyday comfort. Speaking about the waist belt, it’s not thick as your traditional pair of underwear. 

Having these male shorts beneath your low-waist trousers is a great idea as to its low waist men’s underwear

Animal Pouch Short
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Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?

Someone scared of experimenting with their fashion statement must stay away from these pair of shorts.

About the brand

Male Power is a brand that offers hundreds of styles of men’s sexy underwear and comfortable styles. Designers at Male Power create pairs that suit both lifestyle and body type.

As a brand, they believe that every man has the right to look and feel good therefore each pair of Male Power underwear is different, including lace and spandex underwear.

Male Power offers a wide range of underwear such as men’s thongs, men’s g-string underwear, sheer bikinis, male jockstraps, and harnesses. 

Product fitting


Best occasions

Sexual intercourse

Day-to-day activities

Available Sizes

Small, Medium, Large and Xlarge

Why would we recommend it?

We recommend this pair of men’s underwear because of its comfortable and supportive features. It’s easy to handle, care and wear. 

Animal Pouch Short is a low-waist men’s underwear which is suitable for all types of trousers and even for occasions. As it offers the right coverage, men who are extremely shy and looking for a classic pair of underwear can pick them.



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