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Underwear Review: U93 X-Series Jockstrap Underwear – Passion

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Features That Make The Style A Must-Have

This pair of male jockstrap underwear is driven by passion and inspired by the night which includes a supportive pouch offering a boosted lift. Further, to contour, shape, and support male genitals designers have used CURV technology. 

Being a CURV technology and skinny pair of male underwear, the wearer feels less chaffed. This pair of male underwear creates contact-less support that leads to less sweating. To enhances the comfort level of underwear, designers have designed it out of premium quality modal fabric. 

2eros mens jockstrap Underwear
Image Source: 2eros

2eros jockstrap underwear for men provides maximum mobility and breathability due to 4-way stretch hence you keep on going all day long. The wearer feels less irritation as it is label-less underwear for men. 

Why Have These?

Men should invest in X-Series Jockstrap Underwear from 2eros because it has been designed out of premium quality modal fabric which is great for summers. Modal is exceptionally soft on the skin. This men’s jockstrap underwear offers a smooth, soft and breathable experience due to which wearer feels great all day long. 

Men who wish to grab a pair of silk male underwear but couldn’t give these pair of jockstrap a shot as it provides the same feel qualities as silk. Because this pair of male jock is absorbent hence men can consider wearing them for gymming purposes. X-Series Jockstrap Underwear is less likely to shrink or fade. 

Why you shouldn’t have this men’s underwear?


About the brand

Jason Hoeung, an Australian designer founded 2EROS in the year 2008. 2eros is one of the leading men’s underwear, beachwear, and activewear brand that believes in designing styles that inspire men to lead an active and comfortable lifestyle. Through the styles of underwear, Jason Hoeung wants to reflect the Australian lifestyle. Whether it’s men’s brief or male jocks each style is timeless and functional.

Product fitting


Best occasions


Regular activities

Sexual intercourse

Fabric composition

95% Lenzing Modal

5% Elastane

Available sizes

Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge

Why would we recommend it?

Well, we suggest this pair of men’s jockstrap due to various reasons and one of them is its CURV technology which has been used in it. CURV technology. The CURV technology used in this pair of men’s underwear offers a natural lift and contact-less support due to which the package remains safe and sound from skin issues like sweating and chafing. The iconic 2EROS CURV is designed in such a manner that the package remains lifted and contoured. The pouch used in it offers great shape to your manhood. Wearing this pair of male underwear provide great room for your genitals to avoid the claustrophobic situation. 

Besides that, this sexy male underwear offers maximum mobility due to a 4-way stretch so that person wearing it can perform his task efficiently. Another reason for performing everyday tasks efficiently is the lack of labels.

Speaking about the maintenance, this sexy male underwear should be hand washed rather than machine washed. This pair of male jockstrap shouldn’t be bleached or ironed. 


AUD 34.00

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