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Have You Ever Heard About National Underwear Day?

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Always heard of mother’s day or father’s day, but have you ever heard of underwear day? Surprisingly, it does exist. the National Underwear Day was founded in 2003 and is celebrated on 5th August worldwide. 

Whether you are inclined towards men’s trunks, men’s boxer briefs, or searching for an occasion to wear your favorite pair of male G-strings, wear them on this underwear day. 

How Did National Underwear Day Happen?

Regardless of the body type, shape or size, or underwear preference, National underwear day gives you the opportunity to wear your favorite style and flaunt in the day you want to. In simple words, underwear day is National Underwear Day is like an invitation for everybody to have confidence in themselves and in their bodies.

MAX XV Jockstrap – Silver
Image Source: Ergowear

National underwear day is founded by the Freshpair company in the year 2003. Further, this day was created to emphasize the woman’s body image, however, that doesn’t mean men were ignored by society. The basic aim behind the creation of National underwear day was to celebrate every body type. 

The styles of underwear that were included in this celebration were male boxers, sports bras, briefs, and swimsuits as well. 

Ways of Celebrating National Underwear Day

Each individual has his own way of celebrating this day. Some people like to pose on their favorite pair of underwear and post their pictures online. Whereas there are people who like to join flash mobs of underwear-clad individuals in major cities and so on. 

Well, this day is all about embracing your image as everybody is unique and beautiful in their own way. 

However, if you are not sure how to celebrate this day, because you are doing it for the first time, here are few simple ideas to consider. 

1. Hey! How Can You Look So Dashing!

This 5th August celebrate this day wearing your favorite male underwear. It can be thongs, men’s g-string, or even bikini underwear for men. Your underwear accomplishes such a great deal for you, however, possibilities are, you seldom mull over everything. Underwear guards your privates, happy, and healthy.

Cover Male CML026 Flex G-String
Image Source: Mensuas

Furthermore, it prevents stains, gives an additional layer among you and the rest of the world, can cause you to feel oodles more confident when you’re in the right pair. This 5th August you have full right to look dashing in your beloved pair of lingerie. 

2. Ditch Your Old Pair of Lingerie

When was the last time you bought a good pair of underwear? Was it summer or 2020 winter? If that’s true and you are planning to celebrate 2021 underwear day in those pairs of lingerie because no one will come to know then, you better don’t celebrate. 

AKTIV NRG Jockstrap Underwear - Blue
Image Source: 2eros

If you want to shop men’s underwear range online rather than going to a physical store, websites such as Calvin Klein, Pump, 2eros are great brands to consider. However, if you want to know about new underwear styles, latest launches in men’s underwear, MUF will help you out

To make this underwear day much more special, invest in a good pair of lingerie, regardless of the style.

3. Know Your Creators

On some random day, you probably won’t stop to ponder how your clothing advances into your storage room, yet this yearly occasion is an incredible opportunity to research simply that. Observe National Underwear Day by becoming acquainted with who makes your underpants: from individuals who pick the crude materials on ranches to the laborers that enthusiastically sew pieces of clothing professionally. 

Private Structure DGEMU3487BT Desire Glaze Hipster Boxer Brief Color Red
Image Source: Pikante

The design business is filled with out-of-line laborer treatment and hazardous workplaces, and National Underwear Day gives the ideal chance to ask the clothing brands you love for a little straightforwardness around their practices.

4. Don’t Go by the Rules

Rules are made for those who are coward to create their own. By creating your own rules, we meant you should decide your way of celebrating things. If you feel comfortable celebrating underwear day by just wearing briefs and nothing else, go ahead. Invite your friends to the “National Underwear Party” and make a theme. You can tell them to wear only printed boxers with contrast-colored socks and hats, do that. And instead of decorating with balloons, decorate your room with underwear, do that. 

Baby Blue Bamboo Jockstrap
Image Source: Garcon Official

You can even do a private photoshoot with your partner. Try to match the colors or styles, for example, men’s and women’s G-string. Then, male brief and women’s brief underwear. 

This 5th August, be as much crazy as you could be.

So What Are You Planning?

5th August is all about revealing your true body image, no covering or masking. Speaking about understanding underwear day, it’s more than lace and leather. There are thousands of fabrics and prints used in making different types and styles. So why stick to one style of underwear when you can cherish as many as you can?

This 5th August reveals your true self by showing them off with a sweet smile after all you should be proud of who you are regardless of people’s perception. 

Happy National Underwear Day

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