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These male celebrities have stolen our hearts with sexy men’s underwear

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Famous Hot Mens Underwear Models
Image Source: the fashionista

When it comes to looking sexy, wearing a skinny pair of lingerie isn’t necessary and these male celebrities have proven that. You can even steal the hearts with correct size brief underwear, just like these male celebrities did. 

Calvin Harris for Emporio

Hot Male Models
Image Source: Calvin Harris

“How deep is your love”? You don’t know this song. This amazing song is sung by Calvin Harris & Disciples. Adam Richard Wiles who is known as Calvin Harris professionally is a Scottish DJ, record producer, singer as well as songwriter. He has even won the award for the most surprising campaign. 

Calvin Harris Emporio Armani
Image Source: Emporio Armani

Besides grooving people on his tracks, he has even modeled for Emporio Armani in 2015. He wore the simplest style of underwear, men’s brief underwear with extreme confidence. Well, it won’t be incorrect to say, he has completely owned the photoshoot. 

His toned thighs and abs are perfectly complimenting Emporio mens underwear.

Jamie Dornan

Oh my my, those deep eyes with chiseled jawline and body, Jamie Dornan, how can you be so perfect?

Jamie Dornan is known for playing a confident, aggressive, and domineering character in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Further, before this role was offered to Jamie, he already had a successful modeling career including numerous stints at Calvin Klein.

Jamie Dornan Mens Underwear
Image Source: Pinterest

Jamie Dornan’s Calvin Klein photo shoot with Eva Mendes proofs that you don’t need to wear men’s g-string or thong underwear to impress your lady love. This classic pair of men’s underwear can even make you look confident. And, women love confident men, you know that right!

David Beckham for H&M

When it comes to underwear ads, it’s impossible not to think about David Beckham. With his Armani campaign, he became a heartthrob within seconds. With his Armani campaign making a splash in the states in 2007, David Beckham is no stranger to underwear ads.

However, David Beckham has recently posed for H&M, and trust us, it’s impossible to take our eyes off from his abs.

David Beckham
Image Source: H & M

The way he is wearing those men’s boxer briefs, most comfortable mens underwear will convince you to stick to them forever. 

Travis Fimmel

Found working out in a gym in his native Australia, Fimmel is the first male to procure a six-figure agreement. This was only to model solely for Calvin Klein. Later, he switched to an acting career, including remembering a starring role in the History series Vikings.

Mens Underwear Style
Image Source: Calvin Klein

Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein

After his agonizing turn as a vampire in the “Twilight” movies, the rising star—and previous Abercrombie model, proved he is a complete package with hunky advertisement. Don’t you trust us? Pictures are enough to make you believe.

Calvin Klein male celebrities
Image Source: Hunky

Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein advertisements in a single word? Abnormal. Although he was attempting to send the message that he’s an adult now, every one of the promotions ended up demonstrating that there isn’t a pose sufficiently hot to change his image.

Justin Bieber
Image Source: harpersbazaar

Antonio Sabato Jr for Calvin Klein

Antonio Sabato Jr is born in Italy and raised in California, got noticed as a Calvin Klein underwear model. Further, he was cast in the video for Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do (Without You).” Antonio Sabato Jr is known for his acting in The “General Hospital” and his photoshoot with Calvin Klein gave fans an anatomy lesson with these hot photoshoot pics. Is he graduated from sex-symbol status? Well, it’s a misconception. And guess what, he was in men’s brief underwear.

Antonio Sabato Mens underwear
Image Source: shedens

Are you still thinking of risking your comfort zone by wearing men’s G-string or men’s thong underwear or thinking to get inspired by the above male celebrities?

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