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Private Structure Momentum Orange collection for a special occasion

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Momentum Orange Collection

A collection for SPECIAL occasions. Momentum Orange is a provocative agent to trigger sparks and tantalize your desire.  

Our mind-blowing designs and unconventional material are often infused into the creations with premium quality waistbands with embossed wording technology that gives you the luxe and extravaganza.

Think-outside-the-box is the key to this collection, no tolerance for being ordinary here in the collection.  Anything-is-possible!

Momentum orange Underwear
Image Source: Private Structure

Momentum orange contains all kinds of fabric combinations, the mesh and see-through choices create visual impact which allows you to flaunt more of your skin and for the pouch area, we are keeping it comfortable and supportive with conventional brief textiles.

This overall collection is designed to hug your body like your second skin as the Momentum orange collection will keep you under the limelight!

Detailed Product Review – Momentum Orange 

A 4.5cm to 5cm height waistbands are widely used in this collection, completed in embossing techniques, and of course, durability is also taken care of. The brief body is made up of multiple fabrications, combinations of our 4-way stretch 95% cotton + 5% elastane, stretchable mesh, eyelet sports jersey, high-quality synthetic fabric, you name it. The collection comes with very unique cutting, even though our team is having a hard time naming them, inventiveness and creativity go raving here. Fabric color choices have no boundaries here either, it all depends on the theme or inspiration.

Mens underwear style
Image Source: Private Structure

Combinations and complicated constructions are the norms here, and we strive to provide you with couture pieces that are also comfortable. Bondage-ish designs, see-through, look-a-me. It’s always perfect for a date night, or you know it. Momentum oranges are designed with hidden messages. Visual impact is key throughout the collection. Our goal is to elicit a satisfying gasp from the wearer. Every detail puzzled onto the brief has been meticulously chosen, and your wicked smile is one of them.


The brand PRIVATE STRUCTURE is known for its Original Brand Manufacturer by upholding a high level of product quality. Private Structure creates global distribution channels through variable product designs, unique store experiences, and forceful marketing campaigns. The brand is very stringent and selects with great care and attention in its selection of fabric. PRIVATE STRUCTURE delivers trendy designs that not only look good but also feel good, and thus our customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. 

Being the game-changer, Private Structure never settle for ordinary, the Brand produces mood-changing pieces in your wardrobe with fun, modern and sophisticated cutting with styles that enhance your body silhouette. 

Momentum orange
Image Source: Private Structure

Our team creates cuttings that mimic the effects of being in-plant while molding perfectly to your body from all cuts and moving alongside the footage of the current trend, making men’s brief history. Turning a daily basis into a confidence booster.

  • Good for –  Weekend, pool party, underwear party, xxx night, on apps, Instagram, hint your crush &, etc
  • Size  –  Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

Why would we recommend this range?

Everyone needs a showpiece in their wardrobe for that special moment. It may appear to be couture-ish visually, but it is also meet the comfort level to be worn on a daily basis. The collection was well balanced between daily and fetish wear. We wanted it to be seductive and naughty or mischievous in a tasteful way. When you have got the last thing on and looking irresistible, let Momentum Orange speak for you. You wouldn’t see a whole carnival parade down the street with the same design as these collections are seriously limited. Life is tough enough, why take it so seriously, have fun and stay naughty~

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