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Top 8 Calvin Klein men’s underwear models

by loveforundies   ·  10 months ago   ·  

Calvin Klein was set up right back in 1968 by friends Barry Schwartz and ofc Calvin himself. As a brand it’s had huge staying power, overwhelming the fashion world for over 50 years! Various people have a misconception that Calvin Klein men’s underwear is a German or Nordic-based brand, but surprisingly it is based out of Manhattan, New York. 

In the year 2016 (in Spring), Calvin Klein released a viral social and traditional media campaign called #MyCalvins which was tremendously successful. Now, CK has a huge fan following even among the world’s famous male models. This blog will make you aware of those men’s underwear models who have been a part of Calvin Klein and still are. Hence, you can’t miss it.

Calvin Klein men’s underwear Mark Wahlberg 

Way back before Justin Bieber, 2 whole years before Bieber was even conceived, a young and charming musician from Boston, USA Mark Wahlberg modeled for a print ad campaign wearing male boxer briefs. He was a singer before becoming a movie star.

Calvin Klein men's underwear
Image Source: Calvin Klein

Mark Wahlberg was known as Marky Mark in those days. In the video for that track the Dorchester, Massachusetts originally flaunted his body, wearing some denim dungarees (top-down) a baseball cap, and larger than an average gold chain, all exceptionally ’90s. This video was the life-changer for Mark Wahlberg as it caught the attention of Neil Kraft, a senior executive at Calvin Klein. He commissioned the Mark promotions and the rest is history. Mark Wahlberg is naturally charming, as a result, they didn’t have to retouch him. 

Calvin Klein men's underwear
Image Source: Pinterest

Speaking about that white Calvin Klein underwear for men, you can spot his bulge moving it from side to side. As a result, the audience went wild. It wasn’t all accomplishment for Calvin Klein and Mark Wahlberg in any case. The brand faced some criticism for its ad featuring topless British model Kate Moss in the year 1992.

Justin Bieber

Calvin Klein mens underwear style
Image Source:

In January 2015, CK announced officially a tie-up with the young-looking singer from Canada. Swaggering in front of a large live audience with mode and previous accomplice of British comedian Davis Williams, Lara Stone. Justin continued to strip down to simply his male boxer briefs on stage. If we are not wrong, there was a series of funny faces in the process.

justin bieber in calvin klein
Image Source:

But what about the business? Did it work well in terms of business? Surprisingly yes and that too in a big way. You won’t believe that the revenues of the first quarter increased by almost $100 or 13% that year. Well, we must thank to What Do You Mean singer, Kardashian or Jenner. 

Mens Underwear Style
Image Source:

Justin Bieber wore the most classic Calvin Klein style of underwear, male boxer briefs but we have to admire the fact ” how confidently he flaunt it” without getting nervous in front of Lara.

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz, blond actor, model, and Twilight Saga star is famous for his love of the outdoors. He even performs his stunts in the film’s highlights in the dirt and the excellence of the man impeccably perfectly embodies the component of Earth.

Mens brief Underwear
Image Source: Pinterest

Being a professional model and an actor it comes as no surprise when it comes to showing those abs and bulge in men’s underwear. The way he teases in Calvin Klein X underwear range for men is enough to turn you on and look at restricted places even if says no. You know what we mean. 

Calvin Klein men’s underwear Mehcad Brooks blazes 

Mehcad Brooks blazes, a model and actor who played heartthrob Benedict “Eggs” Talley in the award-winning show. Mehcad Brooks blazes even starred alongside with Hollywood superstars such as Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, and Kevin Hart.

Mens Underwear Style
Image Source:

Shooting for Calvin Klein was a dream for Mehcad Brooks blazes, says fitness advocate. He quotes, “since I was 17, wanted to be a Calvin Klein model.”

Fernando Verdasco 

An incredibly handsome Spanish man, Fernando Verdasco is precisely the sort of man that your mind makes his from his stubble that that adheres to his chiseled jaw, profound brown welcoming eyes, and rock hard abs that Michelangelo would have been roused by.

Mens hot Underwear
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this handsome man is more than beautiful good looks with an immense amount of talent. When you will see the Calvin Klein X underwear campaign, you will believe us. Those looks, confidence, and chiseled bodies inspiring men to get one like that. 

Brazilian boy wonder Oscar

One of the hottest prospects on and off the pitch is Brazilian boy wonder Oscar.His astonishing abilities on the pitch weren’t what made him noticed. However, his dark Brazilian features and a baby face made him an extremely well-known kid in both his native country as well as the UK where he played for Chelsea FC.

Mens Sexy Underwear Blog

Shot in London for the Brazilian Market for the previously mentioned #MyCalvins campaign it sent the Brazilian youth wild. At the time the advertisement could be seen on billboards, airports, and magazines. Although the World Cup campaign in Brazil finished a catastrophe, CK’s certainly did not. 

Mens Underwear Blog
Image Source: Pinterest

Jamie Dornan 

Northern Irish Adonis Jamie Dornan in the year 2009, was known for his modeling than his acting. The way he looks in male boxer brief underwear can easily turn your bad day into good. 

Calvin Klein men's underwear

A$AP Rocky 

Rakim “A$AP Rocky” Mayers (ASAP stands for “Always Strive And Prosper”, which he plainly lives by) blew onto the scene in 2011 which got ears with a remarkable way of rapping yet he got considerably more eyes with his impeccable dress sense yet more so his maliciously attractive looks.

Calvin Klein Underwear Blog
Image Source:

Since then the 30-year-old is contributing to the fashion world and music industry. A$AP Rocky is the first-ever black man to be the face of a Dior campaign with Kristian Van Ache. Kristian Van Ache even said Rocky embodies “the empowered manliness of the present urban dandy”. 

Speaking about the collaboration, A$AP Rocky had one of the most unique collaborations with Calvin Klein because of his relationship with Raf Simons ( the former lead designer). To promote his latest album, Calvin Klein Jeans designed a custom jacket. Further, Ck Denim hSpanishot him for their summer 2018 campaign. 

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