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New Launch: Cherish Your Special Moments With Clever JOR Chill Bikini

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The Highlights Of The Style 

CLEVER MODA has recently launched this sexy JOR CHILL BIKINI underwear for men.

Clever Moda is known for designing the finest men’s underwear. Whether you go for bikinis, briefs, or swim trunks, exclusivity and elegance will be reflexed. Clever Moda uses the richest fabrics to design their collection of men’s underwear.


  • One of the biggest highlights of this sexy male underwear is its resilient fabric which makes this lovely pair super sleek and quick dry. 
  • Second highlight that makes this style a must-have is, its silhouette, Clever Moda Jor Chill bikini underwear for men is a low-rise, lean cut lingerie. This pair of lingerie offers great coverage where it counts. 
  • Last and the most crucial highlight, “Ergonomically-shaped pouch”. This male bikini underwear includes a subtle cup pouch that leads to extra comfort. This ergonomically shaped pouch prevents friction against your package. Thus, this style is a great investment.
Mens Bikini Underwear
Image Source: Clevermoda

About The Brand

Clever is popular for offering some of the finest men’s underwear styles. Features that make this brand unique are exclusivity and elegance. Whether it’s men’s brief underwear or male bikini underwear, all the styles of male underwear are designed in the richest fabrics. Men searching for sexy lingerie can also shop from Clever Moda as it provides Harness, Cock Socks, Costume Outfits, and so on. 

About The Men’s Underwear

This men’s underwear new launch is worth every single penny. Its comfortable, sexy and offer an ergonomically shaped pouch for extreme protection. 

  1. Silhouette and Fit – 
  • Chill bikini underwear for men from Clever Moda is made out of resilient fabric making this pair super sleek and quick dry. Men who feel great after slipping in it and willing to make this pair” everyday- underwear” can go for it as its low rise. Besides that, its lean cut provides coverage. This sexy mens underwear provides anatomical fit. The pouch is seamed for support and definition.
Mens Bikini Underwear
Image Source: Clevermoda
  • This skinny pair of male underwear offers great leg movement due to which a person feels free while moving or doing any activity.
  • This seamless men’s bikini underwear comes with no waistband yet it offers great hold on the waistband. Designers have included rivets on the pouch area and broad straps on both sides.
  1. Fabric– 
  • JOR chill bikini underwear for men is made out of cotton and spandex. Being cotton underwear, it’s breathable, anti-order, comfortable, and versatile. This moisture-wicking underwear is great for summers. Spandex underwear is flexible and stretchable. Spandex underwear fits your body rightly as molds to the wearer’s skin. Even if your weight fluctuates slightly, spandex underwear will still fit you. This pair of male bikini is handmade in Colombia- South America with the USA and Colombian fabrics.
  1. Wash and care- 
  • This bikini underwear for men is advised to wash separately, drip dry, and shouldn’t be bleached. This male bikini must be gently washed with hands with gentle soap. We recommend men to dry them in a place that does not receive direct sunlight as direct sunlight can fade away the color of your lingerie. Let this pair be air dry. Tumble dry and ironing is two techniques that are prohibited in the case of JOR CHILL BIKINI.
  1. Occasions– 
  • This bikini underwear is great for occasions such as foreplay and while on the beach. Men with a chiseled physique like hot male underwear models must invest in it as it will cherish each part of your body. Make sure you invest in the right size and your favorite color.

Fabric Used:

94% Cotton 6% Spandex.

Colors available:

  • Red
  • Beige
  • Royal


  • Small
  • Large
  • Medium 
  • Xlarge


$ 29.15

Buy it here:

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