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New Launch: Modus Vivendi Mens Swimwear Collection 2020

by loveforundies   ·  6 months ago   ·  

Image source: E-modusvivendi

The highlights of the series: 

Modus Vivendi underwear introduced a sexy, sleek, and supportive men’s swimwear range earlier this year. We are amazed by the variety, the fit, the sex appeal, and definitely the photo-shoot that brings the visually appealing men’s swimwear pieces. Later in the blog we’ve put in a lot of videos where you’d be able to see the different collection in the new swimwear for men range offered by Modus Vivendi underwear. However, for now, check out this one – 

Before you go one and read about the varieties available for you. The highlights of the men’s swimwear series include:

  • Six collections in total naming – Camouflage, Sun Tanning, Glitter Sequins, Jeans, Labyrinth, and Tyres.
  • Made with 80% polyamide and 20% elastane you get to have the best feeling with a SUPER stretch for your legs.
  • Attention-grabbing designs
  • A variety of men’s swimwear styles available in the Swimwear Collection 2020

About the series

Well, if you take a closer look at the men’s swimwear styles offered in the collection, you would be able to find that there are a variety of cuts and coverage options offered by Modus Vivendi underwear. Take a look below to find out the different collections available in this new collective range.

Camouflage collection

Well, you might have never seen a fresher camouflage print than this one before. The camo underwear has been very popular but flaunting them as men’s swimwear would be a good idea. They are fresh and very breathtaking for sure. You would find a variety of styles available to make sure you have the coverage that you’re looking for. Take a look at this video:

Labyrinth collection

The video certainly shows how handsome and playful men’s swimwear can be. The Labyrinth collection by Modus Vivendi underwear is all about the architectural design and the color options that you can have for your next beach trip.

Jeans collection

Who would have thought that jeans could be the apt design to be worn at pool-sides or beaches? Well, the men’s underwear brand has done and proven it quite clearly with the Jeans collection of swimwear for men.

Take a look at this model in this post with the intense look, he looks so hot with these swim briefs for men. 

Glitter sequin collection

With just the pouch that is highlighted or we must say – glittered, the rest of the surface is left to look solid and handsome. This glitter sequins line certainly make it a party-hard feel at the beach.

Tyres collection

With a shiny foil as the design, if you take a closer look, you’d see the initials MV written all over the Tyres collection by the brand.

Sun Tanning line

Chic, stunning and alluring are the best words for the Sun Tanning line by Modus Vivendi underwear. The styles are masculine and perfect for conventionally modern personalities. See how the models are soaking up the sun with these tanga briefs here – 


Ricardo Lorenzo:

Marcel Gonzalez:

About the brand

Subsequent to finishing over twenty years in the men’s underwear industry, Modus Vivendi Underwear has earned its name among the absolute most mainstream brands. The brand offers a tremendous assortment of men’s designer underwear styles with an attractive turn on Greek impacted designs and culture. Modus Vivendi underwear is glad to be made in Greece, by Greek specialists who empty their substance into the brand and have been doing this since 1989. If you want to know more about the fashion underwear and swimwear brand, click here.

Men’s swimwear styles in series

The following are the styles used in the swimwear for men collection:

  • Men’s trunk boxers
  • Men’s shorts
  • Low cut briefs for men
  • Men’s briefs
  • Tanga briefs for mens
  • Towels as accessories

Fabric Used

80% polyamide and 20% elastane is the fixed composition throughout the collection of men’s swimwear by Modus Vivendi underwear.

Colors in series

  • Camouflage collection: Light colored camo print and Dark colored camo print
  • Labyrinth collection: Red/Blue and Yellow/dusty pink
  • Jeans collection: Blue and Lavender
  • Glitter sequin collection: Silver and Gold
  • Tyres collection: Black, White, and Blue-white
  • Sun Tanning line: Light nude and Dark nude


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large

Buy it here:

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