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New Launch: Modus Vivendi Mens Underwear Camouflage Collection

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Image source: E-modusvivendi

The highlights of the style:

Camouflage print never goes out of fashion. No matter what the occasion is or in what mood you are, camouflage print is enough to create magic. Earlier, camo print was limited to your clothing such as shirts, jackets, or trousers but with time, brands like MV have proved that camo print could be used more than that.

Whether you wish to look great while working out or just feel like having some me time, camo-printed jockstraps, boxers, and briefs can be trusted for such occasions. The best part about these camo pieces is they are extremely comfortable and lightweight because of which you don’t feel as if something is surrounding your male genitals. This male lingerie embraces your front and back profile and can be worn with any outfit of their choice and also when you feel like creating a masculine look. 

Modus Vivendi has incorporated this sexy print in various styles such as Tanga brief for men, men’s briefs, boxers, tank top, shirts, jockstraps, etc.


Niko Wirachman

About the brand

MV is a Thessaloniki, Greece-based lingerie brand that draws inspiration from their vision’s own vision of delivering great experiences in men’s underwear so that men can enjoy comfort without compromising on the fashion part. This label was launched in December 1989 by the Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos as a more tailored approach to exclusive men’s underwear, swimwear & sportswear.

Designers at MV believe that men should set new standards and must start expressing what they actually feel. Earlier, erotic lingerie was meant for women but MV, with its designs, has proved that men deserve to look hot and classy. They don’t believe in following the norms. Traditional and plain boring underwear shouldn’t be the modern men’s cup of tea.

From men’s jockstrap to men’s boxers, every piece is designed and manufactured in Greece in high-quality fabrics. They believe in creating a masterpiece that’s the reason why you will find their packaging exclusive. Except for nothing but the best, that’s what they believe.


George Asimakopoulos

About the men’s underwear

Speaking about the features of these men’s underwear, the entire collection has been designed in a camouflage print that not only makes it unique but offers a fresh approach on military fashion. From briefs to male jocks to T-shirts, this collection includes everything hence you can pick whatever you feel like.


Pedro Salinas

Talking about the Camouflage men’s Jockstraps, these are available in black and white featuring a colorful unique camo print in each piece and are further blessed with a monochrome innovated waistband (black or white) with a towel feel touch and internal strings. One can consider wearing these male jocks because of their higher comfort, minimal coverage that let you flaunt your assets and comprise

Modus Vivendi logo on the waistband. These male jocks are crafted in superior quality, viscose elastane fabric and same is with men’s briefs or boxers.

Campaign video:


Men’s jockstraps

Men’s tank tops

Men’s briefs

Men’s boxers

Men’s clothing – shirts, hoodies, pants

Fabrics Used

Shirts: Polyester 92% – Spandex 8%

Hoodies: Polyester 92% – Elastane 8%

Short Meggings: Viscose 95% – Elastane 5%

Shorts: Polyester 92%- Spandex 8%

Pants: Polyester 92%- Spandex 8%

Low-cut briefs: Cotton 95%-Full Elastane 5%

C-Through Tanga Briefs: Cotton 95%- Full Elastane 5%- Perforated mesh fabric, polyester 100%

Boxers: Cotton 95%- Full Elastane 5%

Colors available



S, M, L, XL


E20.00 – E115.00

Buy it here:

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