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New launches: Ergowear swim Thong Underwear for men

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Feel sure with this top-notch scope of “mens lingerie” and swimwear for men — equipped towards pocket improving innovation that will cause you look and to feel your best regardless of what the event. All things that are important for the “mens underwear brand” Ergowear assortments are the aftereffect of broad logical examination and improvement, advanced material building and plan for a brilliant fit to the male body. Our pouch underwear delicately lifts and improves your life structures giving you the ideal fit, style and backing. If you want a new “underwear for men” then this is the brand.

Ergowear mens udnerwear
Image Source: Ergowear

About the brand

Toward the finish of 2002, “Ergowear underwear” made the first and unique versatile three-dimensional pouch underwear and from that point forward, we have created numerous items dependent on this male pouch idea. From mens boxers and swimming outfits to “mens thongs” and jockstraps for men, there’s something to suit everybody inside this range. Quality fit and throughout the day comfort lie at the core of the range — guaranteeing that the cutting edge man feels upheld just as provocative. Best in class textures will leave you feeling as though you’re not wearing “mens underwear” by any means! See the Instagram post of this model and know more about the brand.

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Mens Underwear
Image Source: Ergowear

About the variant

We took all the ground-breaking features of our X4D underwear line to develop our most sophisticated male swim thong. For minimal chafing, this “male thong” has been cut from a single piece of elastic fabric and only has one T-shaped seam at the front; this construction makes it unique in the men’s swimwear market worldwide. The nose-shaped X4D pouch has been designed to give you enough room to the nose-shaped pouch has been designed to accommodate and enhance your genitals in a perfect space – if you have tried the best-selling “Ergowear underwear” you know the feeling. The concealed elastic waistband is joined by a drawstring that you can tie if necessary. You can leave the drawstring ends visible or hidden in the pouch.

Watch this video to know more:

Main features

  • 100% ergonomic design
  • 3-dimensional X4D pouch
  • Manufactured in Polyamide / Elastane
  • Signature drawstring waistband and back engraved metal tag
  • Fabric: 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane
Mens Underwear
Image Source: Ergowear





Extra large



What do we like?

We like everything regarding “Ergowear underwear“. If you are the one who likes to keep the knowledge regarding everything then check the Instagram post of this model and know how astonishing it will look on you. Check here:

How to keep it new?

For best long-term shape retention avoid high temperature when washing or drying. Do not bleach or iron. Wash separately from rough items that could damage fibers (zippers, buttons).

What can be the problem?

The problem can occur in case of confusion between the similar looking variants of “mens thong underwear“. If you are able to choose the perfect one according to you then you are ready to flaunt.


US$ 47.87

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