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New launches: Supawear POW Brief Underwear For Men

by loveforundies   ·  6 months ago   ·  

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SUPAWEAR is a youthful, new, astounding, and cool swimwear and men’s underwear brand from Australia. The brand is focused on men who need designer men’s underwear and swimwear with super plans, super quality, and super costs. Supawear underwear will likely give the amusement to men’s underwear styles by giving a scope of splendid and striking plans, consequently making its buyers go craze for more. The men’s underwear styles accessible are men’s briefs, men’s trunks, men’s jockstraps, and long leg trunks. The swimwear styles accessible are swim briefs for men, swim shorts, and board shorts.

About the brand

Supawear is the men’s underwear brand that focuses on not just the quality but the comfort of the wearer, confidence, construction, fabric composition, and more. The styles that Suprawear introduce is not for the ordinary men, rather for those who search for status, style, good looks, confidence, and are ready to try something new very often. There is not a single buyer that walks away disappointed and hence, Supawear has the ability to gain the trust of its customers by providing the best ever variants of men’s underwear which are not easy to find elsewhere. 

About the variant

Men’s brief underwear is known for comfort and coverage and not failing in a single aspect this variant will have all your heart once you slip into it. The comfort, confidence, support, and a fascinating appearance are all offered by this variant. Just like you put your trust in the brand when you put it in this men’s brief underwear, you’ll experience the heavenly feel which not all men’s underwear offers. This brief underwear for men can do wonders for your personality with the exotic construction, prints, style, and cuts. If you are excited to know more about this pair then you must watch this:

Main features

  • Single layered pouch for more freedom and comfort
  • XCURV pouch which gives extreme pouch boost and extra support without being restrictive
  • Super fun fit to accentuate your pelvic (V) line and glutes
  • Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex










How to keep it new?

You don’t need to put any additional efforts to keep this mens brief underwear new always. It takes a few measures like do not wash it with hard detergents, do not put it to dry in direct sunlight, do not use it regularly without washing, etc. You just need to be gentle on them while washing and the durability is guaranteed by the brand.

What do we like?

We like every variant of men’s underwear offered by Suprawear. If you crave something astonishing down there then this men’s brief underwear is a perfect match. Check out the Instagram post for this pair and imagine yourself flaunting your physique.

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