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JOCKBOX’s Favourite 4 Gay Underwear Brands Right Now

by John Smith   ·  2 months ago   ·  

Do you love to wear various brands of underwear? Then, you must scroll this guide for detailed information about the multiple gay underwear brands.

JOCKBOX is the UK’s leading supplier of gay men’s underwear – Stocking some of the world’s hottest and favourite designer underwear brands. Their product offering includes popular styles like jockstraps, briefs, boxers, men’s thongs, harnesses, socks and more.

With so many great brands to choose from, we asked JOCKBOX what their favourite 3 brands are if they had to choose, lets find out what they had to say.


SUKREW is a British-born brand from designer Kingsley Hamilton. Launching back in 2013, SUKREW has gone from strength to strength with their impressive and wide spanning range of men’s underwear. Over the years SUKREW has become extremely well known for their signature contoured pouch, which of course makes for some GREAT social media content.

The products are made from high-quality, premium fabrics and designed specially to not only help contain the bigger boys, but to also enhance those packages on the smaller side – so its a win for everybody! The products come neatly contained in a zip-lock bag and are dying to be worn from the get go.

Sukrew underwear
Image Source: Jockbox

SUKREW’ really does have some amazing products and styles such as the Bubble Thong, V-Brief, U-Brief and more. They’ve identified their target audience and continue to provide exactly what they want with their amazing collections. Check out our full range of SUKREW to see why we love them so much.


Whilst you probably already know who TEAMM8 is, but just in case you don’t – TEAMM8 are an Australian brand born in 2008 from the living room of Creative Director & Founder Michal Nicholas. TEAMM8 are more on the sporty side of the gay underwear marketing, and thats why JOCKBOX and their customers love them!

Their designs are of course high quality, premium-made and ready for your next big workout, or not! They’re perfect for every occasion and this is why they’re so popular and have amassed a huge global following.

Teamm8 underwear
Image Source: Jockbox

If you’re looking for a sporty, sexy, and high-quality brand for your next underwear purchase, then TEAMM8 has definitely got you covered (or not, depending on which style you go for). Check out our full range of TEAMM8 underwear to see why its one of our favourites right now.

3. Andrew Christian

This brand simply needs no introduction – Andrew Christian is the US powerhouse brand by the man himself, Andrew Christian. The designer has been creating his clothing collection since 1997, but when they launched their underwear line in 2006 – things really took off. The brand is known for their outlandish and sexy designs using a huge variety of fabrics.

Andrew Christian has not only created underwear, but technologies to go with them too such as power-shaping, show-it and more. They use gorgeous models to highlight their gorgeous products and are often one of our quickest brands to sell out completely. 

Andrew Christian underwear
Image Source: Jockbox

Andrew Christian is the brand that dares to be different with their designs, and do great at covering all bases when designing their products with their customers in mind – with so many varying patterns, materials and styles, there really is something for everybody with this fabulous underwear brand.

4. Garcon Model

All the way from Canada, Garcon Model is a fantastic gay underwear brand bringing variety, vibrance and sex-appeal. Their products really help you to stand out from the crowd with their vibrant and bright colour patterns that are sure to be an eye-catcher wherever they go. Garcon has a variety of great styles, from male jockstraps, male briefs, male boxers, male thongs and more – not to mention their gorgeous collection of elastic harnesses to match.

Garcon Model underwear
Image Source:Jockbox

Closing Paragraph

So there you have it, JOCKBOX’s top 4 gay underwear brands right now – Don’t forget, JOCKBOX is an official stockist of these brands and more including Code 22, TOF Paris, TASTE Menswear, Marco Marco and more. Get 20% OFF your first order using code MEF20

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