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Underwear Motivation: Koalaswim Panic Attack Bikini

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In the motivation section, we have stunning and ultra-unique men’s underwear by Koalaswim. Further, we are presenting the Koalaswim Panic Attack Bikini. In fact, in terms of looks, you can certainly say that this is erotic underwear for men. However, in terms of design, you can certainly know that there’s something big in stock for you. With slim and skimpy coverage on the lower body, the pair comes with a butt plug. Therefore, the name of the male underwear is – Panic Attack Spandex Bikini with Butt plug options.

Panic Attack Spandex Bikini
Image Source: koalaswim

Main features

When you start describing the men’s bikini underwear by Koalaswim, there’s never much said. In fact, you cannot have enough of it for sure. Talking about the design, you will be able to find a skimpy and sultry design that gives you goosebumps. Further, with a pouch that contours and covers just what needs to be covered. The fabric also supports it and enhances its appeal.

Koalaswim Panic Attack Bikini
Image Source: Koalaswim

Coming to the backside of the bikini underwear for men, you have smooth cheeky coverage. Further, the male bikini has straps with an optional choice of butt plug inclusion. You can easily choose the pair to be either with or without the butt plug. The fabric is all smooth and shiny-textured all through the surface. The double-stitch on the edges of the male bikini ensures a longer shelf life. Moreover, the pouch features a center seam that allows your manhood to stay in comfort with extra room. Let us now take a look at the features in brief below:

Extremely low rise fit on the body for attention on the sultry physique.

Smooth and shiny fabric coverage.

A bulge-worthy pouch that holds, supports and comforts the manhood.

Butt-plug is optional for men who want it. In fact, they can opt out of it as well.

Skimpy coverage all through the surface.

Skimpy style perfect for various occasions. For instance, self-love, valentines, holiday-specific, and for any special moment.

Panic attack Bikini
Image Source: Koalaswim

About the brand

In 1990, Koala Swimwear first opened its doors. Their objective also includes providing swimwear, tights, shorts, and sensual spandex designs. Indeed, provide solutions that respect the manly physique. Bulges, male-to-female transition designs, men’s tights, and a variety of other alternatives are all favorites at the company. When it comes right down to it, the brand adores spandex. At Koala, you’ll find outrageous bikinis, wild g-strings, bulge enhancing suits, men’s tights, and so much more! Koala has always been at the forefront of avant-garde fashion. Furthermore, the label offers possibilities that you may not have seen previously. Transition swimwear, underwear, and shorts for men and women are a natural extension of what they’ve always done: create designs for the brand.

Fabric Used

Not Available


When you consider this men’s bikini, you get the choice of two different sizes. The first is the size of the mens sexy underwear and the second is the size of the butt plug.

Men’s underwear size:




Size of the Anal Stretcher:

Small: 1.5″

Medium: 2″

Large: 2.5″

Giant: 3″


Royal Blue

What do we like?

The sex appeal of the skimpy fabric.

The anal stretcher plug for your anus.

The bulge-worthy pouch for high visibility.

What can be the problem?

This sexy underwear for men is not for the faint-hearted.


$40.00. You have to pay an additional amount for the anal stretcher. Moreover, depending on the size you choose.

Buy it here:

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