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Looking for the best jockstraps? follow these 3 basic rules

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Finding the correct Jockstrap Size

Determine if you will wear the strap under or over your boxers or briefs. Wearing the jockstraps over the underwear may push the waist size up one if you are on the cusp of two sizes. Choose boxers or briefs that fit tightly, not loosely, if wearing over the undergarments.
Measure your waist for an accurate size. Use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your waist. Use this measurement to determine if your mens jockstrap is a small, medium, or large. Take your measurements while wearing boxers or briefs if you will be wearing the jockstrap over undergarments.

Mens Jockstrap Underwear
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Match your waist size to the jockstrap size chart. Most jockstrap size charts are located on the package; however, a small waist for men is typically a 26-32. A medium is 34-38. A large is 40-44.
Purchase the cup size separately if the items do not come pre-packaged together. Typically, the cup is sold with the size of the jock strap; however, if the cup is not included, purchase the cup size depending on your preference of small, medium, or large.

Things to consider when choosing your Jockstraps

By following the given steps mentioned below, you would be able to buy a perfect jockstrap for yourself: Most sports, sporting goods, and athletics stores will carry jockstraps. You’ll also likely be able to find this garment in the athletics section of most general clothing retailers. Buying from a physical store gives you a chance to evaluate the fabric and size. As the jockstrap cradles your genitals, comfort, and a good fit are important. At physical stores, you’ll also be able to ask questions to store representatives who will likely be able to help steer you in the right direction. If you feel nervous or self-conscious purchasing this garment in person, you may want to purchase one online. However, many men wear jockstraps both for athletic and style purposes. You don’t need to feel shy about inquiring about this article of clothing.

Online sellers often offer special deals that can cut down on the expense of your purchases. These kinds of stores generally have a larger selection from you to choose from, meaning you have a better chance of finding what you want. A downside to buying a jockstrap online, especially if this is your first time purchasing one, is that you won’t get a chance to evaluate the cut and quality of it before you buy it. If you’re trying to find the best deal, look up jockstraps on several different sites and do a keyword search.

If you’re planning on wearing a jockstrap as part of your daily outfit, whether for fashion or support, you’ll want to choose one that is made of a comfortable material, like cotton or a cotton blend. Materials that wick moisture away from the body and keep it from the skin, like rayon or spandex, provide better ventilation for more physical activities. Wicking is a special term used for activewear designed with special fabrics. These pull moisture to the outer layer of the fabric to keep your skin dry.

Jockstrap for men
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There is little regulation of the terms used in the jockstrap industry. The styles of some brands might be unique or called by different names than other brands.

The following features classify many fashion jocks:


Fashion jocks usually have a much wider variety of colors available to choose from, whereas sports jocks are generally plain, solid colors, like black and white.


The different styles of jock can range from more boxer shorts-esque designs to a scanty, thong-like briefs

Pouch Type:

 The differences in pouch type aren’t always obvious, and many focus on a specific feature, like comfort or package presentation. Some types include original, snug, and contour.

Everyone’s body is different, and a jockstrap might not be comfortable for you. If this is the case for you, the athletic brief is an excellent substitute that’s more similar to conventional Mens underwear. Not all athletic briefs come with cups. If you are playing a sport that requires a groin protector, be sure you purchase a pair that comes with a cup.
Though a protective cup is sometimes required for certain activities, cups can chafe, cause heat to build up more than usual, and can sometimes be uncomfortably bulky. Activities like track and field, basketball, rollerblading, and so on, are better suited to cup-less jocks.

Mens Jockstrap underwear blog
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Projectiles, like balls, pucks, and so on, can pick up a great deal of speed. These projectiles can become deadly to the more delicate parts of your body, especially your genitals. Wear a jockstrap with a cup for sports.
Cups are made out of hard plastic or metal and have small holes in the cup material for ventilation. For low contact activities where you still want some protection, you might use a soft cup or flex cup, which is more comfortable.

Depending on the jockstrap you buy, you’ll likely have two styles of a cup to choose from:
1. The traditional protective cup is an upside-down pear-shaped, hollow, plastic cover. This style is ideal for most genital sizes and shapes.
The banana cup has a longer up-and-down shape than the traditional cup. This style is most suitable for larger genitalia, especially genitals that are longer than average.

2.The more layers of undergarment you wear, the more support you’ll receive. Athletes will often wear more than one pair of undergarments for precisely this purpose. For example, for extra support, you might:
Wear a pair of compression shorts under your jockstrap and a cup, too, if necessary.
Wear a pair of snugs, but still comfortable, briefs, or athletic trunks underneath your jockstrap.
Know Your Size RangeAnother factor to note is the size range that you have. The listed jockstrap sizes only pertain to the waistband size. The cup size is another factor to consider.
If you find a separate size listed on the packaging, you might have a better chance. Unfortunately, not many brands list the cup size.
To address this, take note of your jockstrap size range. If the jockstrap came with a size chart, take note of your waist measurement and look at the cup size it corresponds to.

Pay Attention to Breathability

The crotch area is one of the portions in your body prone to a lot of sweating, especially when you engage in a lot of physical activity. This is more pronounced for athletes.
Make sure to study the type of material you feel comfortable in. When picking a jockstrap, consider getting those with breathable material. For instance, get jockstraps made of nylon, cotton, or mesh.

Make It a Comfortable Fit 

Going back to sizes, pick the jockstrap that provides a comfortable fit when worn. It could feel different when compared to wearing boxers and briefs, which cover both the front and back. The jockstrap covers the most important portion.
Due to this, you have to make sure the size isn’t too tight or too loose. You don’t want to have the jock rash while wearing this for l
Your waist size is not your jeans size. Do not, and I repeat, do not assume your actual waist size is the size of the last pair of Levi Jeans you bought. Some jeans fit low on your hips and other high on your waist plus many clothing designers are now incorporating vanity sizing – essentially lying about the actual waist size to make you feel good. Measure your waist size to be certain.

To determine your actual waist size:

go to the dollar store and get yourself a soft fabric measuring tape and measure around your actual waist. You can also get a piece of string: holding one end, wrap the string around your waist until it meets back up at the start, and mark it or cut it. Lie the string along a ruler to determine the size jockstrap you need.

Specific Sizing tips for sports jockstraps:

 Jockstraps for sports provide support and protection, they are designed to keep your genitals in place when you run or jog and in the case of a hard cup supporter, they protect your genitals from impact. To provide this support and protection, sizing is of upmost importance. The waistband should be snug, the leg straps taut which in turn pulls the pouch down to keep your penis and testicles from moving around. We recommend going with the manufacturer recommended sizing. If you’re in between sizes, then for sports you’re better off going down a size. If you’re planning on wearing your sports jock as regular underwear style, consider going up a size. Elastics are forgiving.

Specific sizing for fashion jockstraps: 

Although once strictly for sports, jockstraps are now a very popular and sexy form of regular everyday underwear. Sizing fashion jocks is no different sizing regular underwear. You’re generally safe choosing the size of your fashion jock based on the jockstrap designer’s recommended sizing, however there may be a few exceptions.

Jocks for men
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Personal taste:

Some guys prefer a looser fit and find a loose jockstrap more comfortable while other prefer the look of a tight fitting jock. Thunder thighs. If you are muscular and have larger than average upper legs and thighs (like our model Trent) you may want to consider going up a size as the leg straps will be tighter, flattening the pouch.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to buy your first jockstrap. Armed with the above information and each jockstrap brand’s recommended sizing, we’re pretty confident you’re going to love you first jock and will be back for more. Experiment with the individual brands and styles we offer and find the jockstrap that looks good and makes you feel good because that’s what it’s all about.

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