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Male Underwear Designed in These Fabrics Gives #Underweargoals

by loveforundies   ·  1 year ago   ·  

You all must have heard about #couple goals or #boyfriend goals, but have you ever heard about #underweargoals for Male underwear? I guess not. 

When I say #couple goals that means two people together in a relationship that has love, patience, tolerance, and security. Similarly, when we say #underwear goals that means a pair of men’s underwear that makes you feel confident, gives an adequate amount of breathability, and enhances your personality. And the styles made out of these fabrics give you #underwear goals because of their immense comfort and features. This mens underwear blog will take you through all those fabrics.


The first fabric on our list is Silk and trust me, the way Silk underwear for men makes you feel cannot be expressed in words. Silk underwear is soft and smooth on the skin and appropriate for men who want to experience” luxury”. Furthermore, these styles are shiny as well as comfortable for the wearer.  If you want to wear them on a hot summer day, I will recommend you save them for special occasions rather than wearing them on hot summer days because silk is a bad conductor of heat. 

Silk Knit Pouch Thong
Image Source: Male Power

Male underwear made out of silk is lightweight and offers a luxurious feel. Opt for silk underwear for winters and special occasions. 


Microfiber is another interesting fabric and is on the 2nd position on our list. Microfiber-based male underwear is designed out of synthetic fibers and provides you with maximum ventilation. Along with better ventilation, this material is quite stretchy and fits you perfectly regardless of your body type is. 

Image Source: malebasics

Underwear made out of microfiber is highly supportive and usually thicker than other underwear materials. Henceforth, if you are considering this style with fitted bottom, umm, that’s a bad idea as it can produce visible lining. Microfiber male lingerie is moisture-resistant, lightweight, durable, highly breathable and is soft on the skin, thus, it’s ideal for athletes and working men.

Modal Male underwear

On our list, the 3rd position is occupied by Modal underwear. I am in love with this material due to its soft and sweat-resistant features. I cannot tell you how great I feel when I put on modal underwear for men and start doing my everyday activities. 

Image Source: Cocksox

If you talk about me, I am not a person who likes to spend a lot of money on underwear hence I am always in search of alternatives, and that too on a budget. So, me considering modal underwear because it is the best alternative to silk in terms of feel. Therefore, I don’t have to spend excess just to experience luxury when I have the best alternative. Modal is a rough and tough fabric i.e. even after multiple washes, it retains its original shape and properties. I can wear modal underwear in summers, hot and humid climates, winters. Basically, in all types of seasons. Another incredible feature of the modal is, it’s smooth on the skin and even shrink resistant.


Organza in underwear, strange no! This fabric is a combination of silk, polyester, and nylon. As a fabric, its a lightweight, breathable and looks elegant, and even prevents pilling. The sexy underwear made out of Organza is perfect for your special occasions. Because of its delicate fabric hence Organza male lingerie. Because it is both exquisite and fragile, it is not suggested for everyday use and should only be worn on special occasions. Therefore, it is number 4 on our list.

jjsoxSexy Men's Underwear Sheer Organza Thongs&g-String T-Back Underpants#jj7 (XL, White)
Image Source: ninelife

Well, I am saying that these are comfortable or don’t give you #underwear goals, all I am saying is Organza male lingerie won’t give you that level of comfort and support which you can find in Microfiber.


This soft and smooth fabric, Satin is number 5th on our list. Satin as a fabric is made out of various artificial as well as natural fabric materials such as polyester, silk, and even cotton.

Image Source: Bodyware

Satin underwear for men gives a very smooth touch and gently glides over your body because of which you shouldn’t be wearing it for everyday activities. In case you don’t want to spend on silk underwear, go for satin underwear. 


Well, Jersey is my favorite fabric because it supports me during intense sports activities and in regular movements. But sometimes I prefer not to wear men’s underwear made out of Jersey during summer because it’s not breathable and durable.

2-Pack Cotton Jersey Boxer Briefs
Image Source: Tomford

Hence, I kept it in 6th position. Jersey underwear for men is wrinkle-free, soft, and even moisture-wicking underwear. Moreover, it comes with good inbuilt flexibility. It stretches brilliantly and sticks to your skin.


Eco-friendly, quick-drying, and hypoallergic are features that make Bamboo underwear a reason to have, but bamboo underwear can hamper your wallet hence Bamboo underwear is in the 7th position. Bamboo underwear for men is suitable for regular use.

Men Boxer
Image Source: bamboo

Bamboo as a fabric is made out of rayon, extracted by treating bamboo fibers, and mostly used in designing mens boxer briefs. Moreover, male underwear designed in Bamboo fabric is comfortable and nature friendly.

So which fabric is your favorite? Do let me know by commenting below.

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