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How Are Blogging And Men’s Thong Underwear Connected?

by John Smith   ·  4 weeks ago   ·  

Thongs are the superior underwear ‒ and more men wear them. Now, you will go through how men’s thong underwear is connected to blogging?

I know you must be thinking – what can be the connection between men’s thong underwear and blogging.

Well, if you dig deeper, you will be able to find so many similarities. If you are a true blogger (or not) or just someone who likes to read blogs now and then, this one is for you.

For people who don’t know what exactly a mens thong is, let us make it clear for you first.

Thong underwear for men is one of the most comfortable mens sexy underwear styles. In fact, your underwear drawer has been screaming for thongs. Moreover, it is high time you pay attention to your underneath fashion and grab one for yourself.

Now, let us go forth and check out the similarities between guy thongs and blogging.

1. Both Blogging And Thongs Touch The Core

When you write a blog, you choose a topic. Moreover, you dig deep into the topic to make sure you offer something very useful and fruitful to your readers.

On the other hand, with thong underwear for men, you do the same. Further, you allow it to touch your most intimate area. In addition, touch, caress, and love your assets for good.

2. Men’s Thong Underwear And Blogs Are Different Yet Alike

Blogs are of so many different types. However, the pattern of writing blogs is absolutely the same. What do you think? For instance, there are product blogs, review blogs, and generic blogs as well.

When you take a look at man thongs, you will notice that there’s a waistband, back string, and a skimpy pouch. However, there are so many different types of thongs. For instance, men’s g-string underwear, t-back, tanga, and so many others.

Thus, both blogs and thongs have a similar pattern. However, there are so many different kinds of options available.

Peak Performance Sport Thong
Image Source: Male Power

3. Both Thong Underwear And Blogs Inform And Entertain

Blogs can be very informative. In fact, they can be so entertaining that you stay glued to them. Probably as interested that you cannot get enough of them Men’s thong underwear can be very enjoyable.

In fact, you don’t have to be too conscious wearing one. Moreover, it can be helpful in the bonding of you and your partner. By choosing the right kind of mesh underwear or lace underwear for men, you can entertain each other.

Daniel Alexander DAK044 Las Vegas Thong - Men's Thong Underwear
Image Source: Daniel Alexander

4. Blogs And Male Thongs Can Help You Get The Attention

If you have a blog, you can become a popular personality. Well, that’s debatable for sure! However, there’ll be people who’ll know you and would look up to you for what you write. Thus, you get the attention.

On the other hand, male thongs can be very…provocative? Sexy? Attract all the drama?? Well, I would say yes to all the questions for sure. Thus, mission ATTENTION accomplished!

Secret Male SMK008 Aster Thong - Men's Thong Underwear
Image Source: Mensuas

5. If You Don’t Have a Blog or a Thong – You Are Not Wise

Thongs for men can be a problem solver in so many ways. For instance, irritating panty lines, no breathability in oodles of fabric, or any other, thongs can be a lifesaver for sure.

If you know how to communicate with others and can influence others, not having a blog can be very unwise.

Have one (both) to experience the difference!

6. Sometimes – Others Don’t Approve Of Your Thong/Blog

Well, you know how it feels when others don’t approve of your choices!

Thongs (as we mentioned earlier) can be very provocative. Likewise, blogs can also expose so many myths and things. Thus, there will always be people who will not approve of you.

Cover Male CMK064 Provocative Thong - Men's Thong Underwear
Image Source: Mensuas

So, this is all about how are blogging and men’s thong underwear connected? what do you think of this blog?

Do you agree with the connections that I mentioned here? Do let us know if you think there are other similarities.

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