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Tips to enjoy sexy men’s thong underwear without feeling conscious

by loveforundies   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Honestly, wearing men’s thongs for the first time can make you feel conscious because you are coming from the generation of wearing briefs. Briefs that are fully covered and switching to styles like men’s thong underwear or g-string underwear can obviously make you feel uncomfortable. Hence, we have come up with certain tips that will help you out to deal with this style.

Tips to follow in men’s thong underwear :

1. Know how it feels to be in a men’s thong underwear

Wearing thongs for the first time? Better not to expect a high amount of comfort. Men who have been wearing this men’s underwear know how to handle it and even have created a comfort zone hence they find thongs the most comfortable and sexy pair of underwear. One of the biggest benefits you would find in male thongs is, there is space for little dough that can be bundled loosened, sagging, and uncomfortable.

Trust us, when you start wearing it more often, you would like the way it feels on your skin. Beginners can find it difficult to handle, but you shouldn’t give up. If you wish to try lace thongs, wear them as much as you can.

Image Source: Mensuas

2. Understand fabrics and needs

Thong underwear for men is designed in different fabrics after all every occasion demands a different kind of fabric. For times when you wish to relax, cotton-based thongs for men are best. Similarly, for your sexual intercourse and roleplay, you need to wear lace and sheer-based thongs. 

Hence, you can choose from a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns but are well aware of the demand of the occasion. For example, on days when you want to feel sexier than usual, silk and stain thongs for men are reserved. If you wear lace thongs, do not wear thongs as tight bottoms may reveal the texture of the fabric.

3. Do change your thong daily:

Men don’t understand but it’s really important to wear clean and tidy thongs every day. Clean thongs prevent the spread of bacteria that can lead to some dangerous skin infections as any style of male underwear remains in contact with both the anus and vulva. So the spreading of bacteria in your private parts increases especially in thongs as they change positions throughout the day.

Therefore, always opt for clean pair of underwear. Wearing a clean pair of underwear makes you feel fresh and prevent odor caused by sweat. Further, to enhance comfort and hygiene of the thong, pick men’s thong one size larger. For daily chores, cotton thongs are the best as they block the growth of bacteria, and cotton, as a fabric, is better and budget-friendly. 

Daniel Alexander DAK056 Thong
Image Source: Mensuas

Why is important to wear male thongs?

1. To enjoy the freedom of movement

Advanced technologies used by brands today for designing underwear have taken the game to the next level. One such great example is thongs. This pair of male thongs come with a skinny design that offers you freedom of movement. Further, thongs for men are ideal for those who find exercising difficult in pairs like male jockstraps. 

For exercise purposes, you should always look out for pairs made in polyamide spandex.

Good Devil GDK053 Steel Ring Thong
Image Source: Mensuas

2. For better support 

Regardless of how beautiful your thongs are or how trustworthy a certain brand is, if the pair of thongs offered by your favorite brand cannot support your manhood, it’s useless to shop from that brand again. The right pair of male thongs will always support your male genitals. The pouch element found in the style keeps your genitals safe and sound.

3. If you are proud of your assets

Are you one of those who likes to flaunt his assets? Then opt for men’s thong underwear. Its sexy, comfortable, breathable, and even enhances the shape of your manhood and butts. The skinny silhouette lets you have the perfect suntan.


Men’s thong underwear correctly emphasizes the natural curves of the body and following the above tips will help men to enjoy the style better rather than feeling conscious in it. The style is very simple to handle, it’s just you, who needs to do a little bit of practice. Once you get used to it, thongs will take care of the rest of the things. 

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