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Underwear Motivation: Pump Touchdown Academy Mens Boxer Underwear

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Well, in case you’re a sportsperson who’s looking for a pair of men’s underwear that is all sporty and handsome too, this Touchdown Academy Boxer by PUMP underwear is what’s the answer to your prayers. Sleek, sexy, supportive, and sensuous are some of the many character traits that sum up what you’re investing in for. Not only do the sexy underwear for men hold you up quite well, but they also make you presentable even when your pants drop off without any prior notice.

You’re sure to get your hands – oops no – the manhood into something so comfortable and supportive.

Main features:

When you first look at the pair of men’s boxers, you’ll see a combination of red, blue, and white colors coming together to look so handsome. On a closer look, you’ll find the micro details that make all the difference in how you feel below the belt. Starting from the micro-mesh fabric on the pouch that makes the whole experience of having it in the right spot – oh so comfortable! The next would be the option of the fly on the pouch that allows you easy access in times of need. Then comes the supportive fit of the boxer underwear for men that covers till the upper thighs holding and defining the legs so that you feel supported and streamlined down there. The bold elastic waistband of the designer underwear features the signature PUMP! stitched on it. In fact, there’s another identical option I found on Instagram – check it here

Follow the model

Adam Jakubowsk

Now, you can take a look at the handsome details of the mens boxers by PUMP underwear below:

  • PUMP! the logo is featured on the thick waistband in the front and back with striped design all through the same. 
  • The breathable micro-mesh pouch allows you to feel absolutely stunning as well as functional for the comfort of the manhood. 
  • The thick piping around the pouch and the center seam come in handy for comfort and room.
  • The pouch features double-ply and has a contoured fit for the junk. In addition, there are faux fly and piping on the sides.
  • The waistband measures to be 1-1/2 inch wide
  • Fabric composition: 78% nylon, 22% spandex
  • Designed in Canada

About the brand

Set up in 2009, PUMP Underwear joins fun style with the energetic collection of mens underwear. The brand is exceptional that begun graffiti-style prints on their scope of underwear for men. The entire assortment of Pump spins around youngsters, fitness, and sports. Have you tried this fashion underwear brand before? If you want to know more about the athletic underwear brand, click here.

Check out this video to know PUMP better:

Fabric Used in these mens boxers

78% nylon and 22% spandex for the right amount of comfort, moisture-wick feeling in the mens boxer underwear. The spandex in the hot underwear allows a LOT OF STRETCH.

Sizes in this boxer underwear for men

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

Colors in these mens boxers

White and navy blue

What do we like about these PUMP underwear?

We love the following things about the mens boxers:

  • The sporty fit
  • The soft and supportive waistband
  • The micro-mesh pouch

What can be the problem?

The adjoining area on the waistband in the back.



Buy it here:!-touchdown-academy-micro-mesh-boxer-navyred,31967.html

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